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[TT] Double Time!

Hey guys, last week i was suuuupppeeerr broke, which means no internet here in zim, but for this week im set, so to make up for the missing chaps from last week ima release double the amount of chaps for each day, so look forward to more!


TT Chapter 70

TT Chapter 71

TT Chapter 72

TT Chapter 73

[GDN][HTK] Almost our fall study break

Which is just two days. We still have a 1-2 midterms for each of us until next Wednesday so we will catch up on our releases on Thursday when we go home. Why do they put the study break at the end of mid term season? Idunno

GDN Chapter 189

HTK Chapter 96

[GDN][HTK] Korean reality shows..

Are funny. And thus, no studying was done today.

GDN Chapter 188.1

GDN Chapter 188.2

HTK Chapter 95

[GDN] Everyone is so mad these days

It might have something to do with this song being played on a loop continuously from my room.

GDN Chapter 187.1

GDN Chapter 187.2

[MGZ] There is dank weed everywhere

MGZ Chapter 58

Smells like skunk and stuff

[GDN] sweg


GDN Chapter 186

[GDN] Sorry guiz

GDN Chapter 185.1

GDN Chapter 185.2

Sorry we late all the time these days, so busy with the midterms that started in the first 3 weeks of classes.

[TT] Im on fivvvveeeerrrrr

Hey guys, i just got on fiver, so if anyone has any requests and what not, especially those related to writing, contact me here

Here is the chapter today!~


TT Chapter 69

[TT] I had eyes but i couldnt seee it!

So apparently Mt Tai is real……does that mean every xuanhuan has a Mt Tai???? XD


TT Chapter 67

TT Chapter 68

[HTK] when life fcks u in the face

HTK Chapter 94

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