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[GDN][HTK] Salty Salty Cucumber strips

Has to fight his doggu for dominance everyday. At least now he likes HTK so we are gonna do sum of that catching up we were supposed to do 3 years ago.

GDN Chapter 206.1

GDN Chapter 206.2

HTK Chapter 100.1

HTK Chapter 100.2

[GDN] Salty Salty Fishballs

Oooo that was a big one. Fishballs finally had to do sum work hue.

GDN Chapter 205.1

GDN Chapter 205.2

[HTK] finally a chapter

woo cucumber strips finally stopped being lazy and translated an HTK chapter, so here it is

HTK Chapter 99

[GDN] Happy black fridayyyy

Ayyy, good news is that nobody got ran over. Bad news is, we didn’t to buy anything cuz we canadian.

GDN Chapter 204.1

GDN Chapter 204.2

[GDN] Cucumber strips got a dog

Its ugly and smells bad. It also has a thing for attacking Fishball’s feet so I guess it ain’t that bad.

Good thing he never reads these posts amirite?

GDN Chapter 203

[GDN] Ayyyy Diablo 3

GDN Chapter 202

Diablo 3 is pretty dank.


Srry guys for the delays of chapter releases, I just finished a 20 pg marketing report over the weekend and have another group presentation to prepare for. But the presentation wouldn’t take too long, so u can expect a release before this wednesday.

Here’s a few updates that we didnt get to tell u guys before hand.

  • GDN there r 2 regular chaps in queue
  • u can expect at least one HTK in the following week, dw homies ur fix is coming
  • GE and MGZ are dropped, the translators wanted to focus on their academics for this yr, and i understand them
  • TT and SSS will be moving to the Onion Website and they will be releasing physical copies of their books soon! woah very nice much fun

k and that is all. im in my marketing class right now but i will get sum translation down for u homies cuz u know, fk, im behind schedule

[GDN] Fishballs started Maplestory again

Ah I remember back in the days, when I couldn’t grind past level 18 because I was an newb. Now, Fishballs made it to level 137 in 3 days even though he was studying for exams the whole time.

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 201

[GDN] 200 chapters of GDN

Oh waw, btw no chapter saturday cuz exams. Huehuehuehue

GDN Chapter 200.1

GDN Chapter 200.2

[GDN] Oh no its trump steaks

Did you know, the Canadian Immigration website just crashed, since the election is almost over. All hail the new Trumptown Translated, with Trump Bean Sauce, Trump Balls and Trump strips. All jokes aside, we love you no matter who you vote for, because we are Canadians.

GDN Chapter 199

lol memes

vote for the last president of USA

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