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[GDN] Woops I guess I’m old now

I turned 20 today, so that means I am officially a quarter through my life. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

GDN Chapter 208


[GDN][HTK] odank we posted a day late


[GDN] aight so Black Bean Sauce is stooopeed


  1. No HTK??????!!!!!!!

  2. @gardenhero woops – confusing his gdn last yr with 2008. last yr v good too. Agree re him & AS. I miss them both when they don't show + Δ°lave olarak Keke i love alot! Woops, i love YOU alot! Muakmuak ILL DEFINITELY GIVE YA YR 1ST KISSY πŸ˜€ JUST WAIT! GDN UH NAUGHTY BABY <3 @IzaacSayHELLO

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