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[GDN] aight so Black Bean Sauce is stooopeed

this guy forgot to post a post with the chapter linked in the post that was suppose to be posted at the supposedly posted time which is after every chapter release. so here it is:

GDN Chapter 209


[GDN] Woops I guess I’m old now


[GDN][HTK] Finally back


  1. Kronos

    No HTK!!!!

  2. Penguin Anchestor Pen'Gu iin

    Bro u guys still alive?

    • noodletowntranslated

      almost dead due to exam week

      • Penguin Anchestor Pen'Gu iin

        Hang on brothers!

        Y’gotta finish this volume, then y’all can be as ded u wanna b!

        • YukiNeko9

          *Prepare tombstones covered in Christmas decorations along with a plate of cookies and milk* Now even if you die from exams, Santa will still visit you. 😛

          • Penguin Anchestor Pen'Gu iin

            Resting atop their rotting bodies, greedily feasting the flesh and blood of mother natures children! Damn that’s some Santa.

  3. c

    please everyone a moment of silence for our fallen translators my they rest in noodles. *noodlemage9000 casts resurrect* it failed
    *noodlemage9000 casts resurrect* it failed
    *noodlemage9000 casts resurrect* it failed
    *noodlemage9000 casts resurrect* it failed
    *noodlemage9000 casts resurrect* it failed
    *noodlemage9000 casts resurrect* it failed
    they’re dead jim

    • noodletowntranslated

      u wrong jim, its just that the death countdown timer isnt over yet
      im gonna finish my last final exam in 5 hrs and spend 3 hrs drive bak to toronto and then start pooping out more chapters

      • YukiNeko9

        Dam, who’s gonna be buried then in these coffins?! *Pause for a moment and stare at BlackBeans with a evil grin* >:D

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