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About us

About Us:

We are currently a team of four FOBs, and still two bananas. The four FOBs are in charge of roughly translating the novels to engrish, and then the two banana edits the engrish into english. We’re sorta racist, sorry not sorry.

Currently Cucumber strips and Black bean sauce are working on GDN and Fishballs and Big Udon are working on HTK. However, sum things might happen so time soon maybe. Any by that we mean Spiced Fillet and black bean sauce are working on Teen Detective – Shroud of Mystery and Miso Ramen and Fishballs are working on Global Evolution. But then again, even more things might happen in da very near future.

Release Schedule:

Since we are just starting off and trying to work this into our schedule, we are gonna release a chapter for one novel every two days, alternating between the two. Thus its 3 to 4 chapters guaranteed per week. However, depending on our time availability, we may increase the number of chapters per week.

How to bribe us into posting more often:

So basically,  we are six university students who are studying at a university. Due to the fact that we are university students, we need to pay for our university tuition as well as the essential stuff for our university classes. You may realize that we are desperately poor and thus are willing to work extra hard if we are baited with some money. We are willing to post an extra chapter for $10 for the first 2 months, through either direct donations or through clicking on our Adfly links.

Contact Us:

If you want to contact us for something, and the comments aren’t working out for you, here’s our email:

[email protected]

Note that we aren’t going to be accepting any volunteers to work with us as we are planning on only working with people we are capable of meeting everyday.


  1. Where’s the donation bar? You should go to Reddit Novel website, where many are like you guys

  2. Oi, i’ve notice something…
    You didn’t enabled the comment section lately, so i think you need to enable it…
    I found so many typos, but don’t know how to contact you without the comment section…

  3. superposhposh

    Damn, your ‘sponsored’ chapters are cheap! You should consider raising the price, else you’ll drown in a sea of queued chapters :p

  4. Euphmoria

    Do u guys have a contact email? I can help u guys edit/translate for free. I am ok at chinese and pretty much native english speaker.

  5. i see, so then again, three university student, who was the fourth? lel

  6. SecondRate

    IF you ever need an extra hand, I could help you guys. I like this novel so far and hope you guys can pay for your daily cost. Who knows you may even make enough money to pay for college debt (IF you have those, I know I have). Good luck and keep at it (also goodluck with studies, I know I needed it :p).

    • noodletowntranslated

      thanks man! ya now that google adsense pays so little it’s hard to cover costs. Anyways, thank you so much for your offer, we are looking to expand for sure, and we will be posting something regarding recruitment sometime soon!

      • SecondRate

        I have been editing for some time now (The Magus Era, Conquest, I’m a villain) so a bit experienced by now, And to make it clear, I dont take payment till I have proven myself. So only after like 10 chapters of editing and IF the employer can afford I take sth (up to the employer to set the amount). Anyway I have heard the low payment of Adsense, but soon you guys will be big enough that even that little bit will be a big amount. Good Luck!

        • Thanks bro. We are currently planning on expanding by starting to translate a few new novels. Please come check dem out after we start releasing 😀

  7. faiz

    He guys its great work your doing .i love HTK so much . i am an indian so cant help with translations . wish you luck . little greedy but love to have more htk chapters . ill do my best like adfly link. 🙂

  8. Ogre

    Sir, I would jusk like to ask if you’re buying GDN chapters on qidian. I’m
    really into it and I want to read the raws but can’t read it because its on
    VIP. By the way, Salute to you sir and noodletown team for keeping up the
    good work of yours. I wish someday your team will be known to be the
    greatest translator of xianxia novels and keep discovering new xianxias
    that can compete with other teams wuxia/xianxia translations. Wish you luck
    and good health sir to keep up your translations. ????????????

  9. Noodle is it ok if you can tell me what genre is Global Evolution? Is it a harem since you said there was sexy time?

  10. Greed

    Too high price for ~2300 words… this 2300 word spend like a game! 3 years of work 3d modeling and write scrypt testing and fixing for 2300 per charter?
    You dont invent this story you just read buy your self it in chines and write it in english and its all…

    You wait 1 week for 60$ and for 1 day translate 1 charter and wait another 6 day for money

    And you can translate 1 charter per day and sale 1 charter for 10$ and get 70% per week, hu?

    You can get more money and can get more peopl’s happy!

    I spend for read 2300 from 30-50 min you can spend on this 1-2 hour relax work with cup of tea and get 10$ 10*7=70*4=280$
    People clean a huge amount of rooms for 150$ and do hard work just 150$

    And you requirest 60$ for 2300 words??? HO!HO! fucking sale! Next chap at 50$ only!! SALE!

    You’re just kidding on people!

  11. joakim turøy

    Where can i get pic the you guys use for the wallpaper? It looks awesome!

    • noodletowntranslated

      loool srry man we forgot…. a few months ago we just googled something and found this, i even forgot wat we googled

  12. Ayustat

    Hi i just read one of your series at royal road and it said that it(Solitary Sword Soveriegn) would continue here but I have searched all over your web site and can’t find it. Did I miss some information, am I just so stupid that i can’t locate it or have you just not had the time to start posting it here?

    • noodletowntranslated

      we are waiting for Onion to do some last editing before the novel gets posted
      srry for the wait bro

  13. NovelSub

    I’d recommend adding a subscription widget so we can easily follow your translation.

    • noodletowntranslated

      i think there is already an email subscription function on the right tab of the page, and you will receive an email whenever there’s a chapter

  14. basedinori

    i cant find sub button either

    • noodletowntranslated

      its on the top right side if u visit from browser, and u can subscribe to us with email

  15. MysticJazzEnforcer

    Hey guys, in case you haven’t heard (I didn’t want to assume), GDN has been officially dropped by the author. I was just wondering what your stance will be on translating it, now that it’s been dropped?

  16. Hi, i have a commercial proposal to make you guys, could you give me an email contact? Its a way to generate extra revenue without adding banners, in a totally new way!

  17. Umm I was just wondering if you will be putting out any new features for the website, such as lighting/darkness setting

    • noodletowntranslated

      sorry bro, we don’t really know how to do it lol we r all either business students or medical science students
      but ya, head over to, they can allow you to change font and background when you r reading

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