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[GDN] Lemme just sneak this in here

GDN Chapter 241

[HTK] Is there sexual tension in the air or is it just me

Sorry about Cucumber strip’s rant guys. We are really trying our kanye best here but sometimes finding translators as hard working and committed as Cucumber Strips is difficult so I can see why it is a bit annoying when we get comments that underplay our efforts. Udon is currently enrolled in one of the best business programs in the country and is really busy so I wouldn’t blame him either. We had tried earlier to find more help but between all our lives and such, as well as working on the site, we don’t really have much time to invest in expanding and managing more people.

Sorry about the slow releases but if anyone wants to help translate chapters for HTK, don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] The slowest step in our process currently is the first chinese to english translation, so we really only need some helpers for that.

HTK Chapter 123

There might be more coming tonight if Udon comes through for us  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


[HTK] This is a long one

And theres probably gonna be more tomorrow. This one was extremely long so we are counting it as two chapters.

HTK Chapter 122.1

HTK Chapter 122.2

[GDN] GDN releases

HTK is coming soon. We were really busy last week since midterms and volunteer jobs were piling up so we couldn’t really catch up on HTK. But since you were forced to wait anyways ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), we are really sorry.  Just a little bit longer…

GDN Chapter 238

GDN Chapter 239

GDN Chapter 240

[GDN] Ayyyy we released on time

But our midterm season is getting intense again so we are gonna postpone all chapter releases until next week.

GDN Chapter 237

[HTK] Maybe we can clear the bonus queue before the end of time

Hail the King Chapter 121

Last Regular this week.

[GDN] Late on the second day as well

Sorry we had a midterm scheduled at night so it was pretty late when we got back and finally started working on the chapter.

GDN Chapter 236

[GDN] Late on the first day

GDN Chapter 235

[HTK][GDN] Fish balls controls the sphincter

Ayy we did 2 HTK bonus chapters and the two GDN Chapters for Tuesday and Thursday

HTK Chapter 118

HTK Chapter 119

GDN Chapter 233

GDN Chapter 234

[HTK] Wow did we finally catch up on HTK?

Yes. yes we did. Time to start bonus chapters.

Image result for great success

HTK Chapter 117

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