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[HTK] Heres this weeks chapters.

Hail the King Chapter 151

Hail the King Chapter 152

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[HTK] New post

This a new post.

PS check patron if website doesnt load. these 2 chaps r free on there now

HTK Chapter 149

HTK chapter 150

[HTK] Fishballs rather starve than not eat fish balls

Its the way he survives

HTK Chapter 147

HTK Chapter 148

[HTK] Wow I haven’t written a post in the long time

What a nosy housewife this cucumber strips is. He’s like the type of housewife that lives next door and knows all about that embarrassing time you shat your pants in grade 4 and what types of pr0nz you hide underneath your bed because she gossips with your mom all the time. And then she goes ahead and asks you when you gonna get a hot grill friend but she knows that you have 16 anime waifus in your bedroom. Waw wut a nosy housewife.

HTK Chapter 145

HTK Chapter 146

[HTK][GDN] Wow did we just release something

I thought this site was ded

GDN Chapter 265

HTK Chapter 140

[HTK][GDN] We came back

And we’ll start pumping out chapters.

GDN Chapter 260

GDN Chapter 261

GDN Chapter 262

HTK Chapter 138

[GDN] HTK announcement

Sooo, we’ve been pretty busy with our studies lately, so we’re going to release 6 compensatory HTK Chapters and the bonus after our exams are done in early may. Thanks for everybody’s patience.

GDN Chapter 259

[HTK][GDN] I feel like it has been exam season since January

GDN Chapter 256

GDN Chapter 257

GDN Chapter 258

HTK Chapter 136

HTK Chapter 137

[HTK] Only Cucumberstrips and Udon aren’t classy

HTK Chapter 134

HTK Chapter 135

Sorry we are late, Udon was translating with only one hand. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[GDN] When one of your younger sister’s friends wants to 1v1 you

Image result for go all out meme

  • Cringybeansauce

GDN Chapter 254 

GDN Chapter 255

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