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[HTK] Only Cucumberstrips and Udon aren’t classy

HTK Chapter 134

HTK Chapter 135

Sorry we are late, Udon was translating with only one hand. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[GDN] When one of your younger sister’s friends wants to 1v1 you

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  • Cringybeansauce

GDN Chapter 254 

GDN Chapter 255

[GDN] We found those meat buns yesterday at a chinese restaurant

But they translated it as “Chinese Burger” on their menu …

GDN chapter 251

GDN chapter 252

GDN chapter 253

[HTK] Who cares about cucumber strip’s projects

I don’t lel

HTK Chapter 132

HTK Chapter 133


[HTK] Uruguay

Where Fishballs was born.

HTK Chapter 130

HTK Chapter 131

[GDN] Fishballs likes korean food.

Korean food doesn’t have Fishballs.

GDN Chapter 249

GDN Chapter 250

[HTK] Welllll

Even the author thinks his own long chapters counts as two. “I’m too lazy today to split it so this counts as two chapters.” – 乱世狂刀

HTK Chapter 127.1

HTK Chapter 127.2

HTK Chapter 128

[GDN] Here’s today;s chapter

GDN Chapter 245


One of us was a hairy ball sack, then he shaved it and now he’s a silky smooth fish ball. Now, the question is, who is this mofo?

A. Fish ball

B. Fish

C. Ball

HTK Chapter 126

GDN Chapter 244

[GDN] Dang the vacation is over

Our reading week is done so we’re back to the midterm season again. Ayyy funtimes

GDN Chapter 243

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