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[GDN] Stocking up for the zombie apocalypse

We went shopping today and bought a crap ton of canned foods cuz they were on sale. Did you know, improperly stored canned foods may cause botulism when consumed, which only has a 33% survival rate. Plis RNGesus, let me survive this good deal.

GDN Chapter 226

[GDN][HTK] Ayyy Lmao

That feeling when Fishballs takes notes for you during class so you can sleep and edit this chapter.

GDN Chapter 225

HTK Chapter 111

[GDN] Oily foods make me itus prime

I get so sleepy from eating oily foods. Why is life so difficult. Let me get fat plis without putting me to sleep.

GDN Chapter 224

[GDN] I guess we ain’t really releasing in batches

Here’s yesterday’s chapter huehuehue

GDN Chapter 223


[GDN] I guess releasing in batches is pretty cool

Ayyy looks like we are releasing in batches.

GDN Chapter 221

GDN Chapter 222

[GDN] Ayyyy we made it boiz

We finally caught up to regular chapters for GDN. WooooooOOooOOooOOoooo. time to finally start on the bonus queue. Oh wut, its another regular tomorrow.

GDN Chapter 219

GDN Chapter 220

Image result for at least you tried

[GDN] Wow are we actually catching up?

More releases. Wow, Cucumber strips is so hard working. Lets make him work harder. Huehuehue

GDN Chapter 216

GDN Chapter 217

GDN Chapter 218

[GDN] Galactic Dark Net is back

Wut a butthole

GDN Chapter 214

GDN Chapter 215

[HTK] Black bean sauce is a butthole

Won’t write posts for me. Going for a mass release of GDN swoon.

ε- ( ̄、 ̄A)

HTK 106

HTK 107

[GDN] Hats are cool

Covers up people’s bald spots.

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 213

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