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[HTK] Gotta go on Hiatus for like 2 weeks

Its final exam period yaaay. So we are going to stop releasing until the 20th and add 4 chapters to the bonus queue (1 for this week and 3 for next week)

Thanks for understanding.

HTK Chapter 220.1

HTK Chapter 220.2

[HTK] First Chapter and Three Chapters a Week again

If you guys don’t know, we started releasing our new book “My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife” over at Due to everybody supporting us on patreon, HTK is back to three releases a week again. Oh Boiiiiii

HTK Chapter 219.1

HTK Chapter 219.2

[HTK] Another Bonus Chapter

Thanks to Caleb D, Joshua K for sponsoring this bonus chapter!

[HTK] Bonus Chapter and Cyber Monday

Hi everyone, this is our last regular chapter this week and a bonus chapter. Thank you to Dan and everyone who bought through our amazon links. We got $13 from the amazon transactions and we have added it to our bonus queue. Please continue to use our link for the Cyber Monday Deals.

HTK Chapter 216.1

HTK Chapter 216.2

HTK Chapter 217.1

HTK Chapter 217.2

[HTK] Second chapter this week

Sorry guys, we couldn’t bring the HTK bonus chapter this week. The deadlines for our papers and stuff is coming up.

HTK Chapter 214.1

HTK Chapter 214.2

[HTK] That feeling when you thought the test was easy and your mark isn’t easy to look at

Being ugly in Chinese can be directly translated to being hard to look at.

Hail the King Chapter 213.1

Hail the King Chapter 213.2

[HTK] Its probably still friday in some parts of the world

HTK Chapter 212.1

HTK Chapter 212.2

[HTK] Wednesday Release that is on time for once.

HTK Chapter 211.1

HTK Chapter 211.2

[HTK] Wow daylight savings time doesn’t happen everywhere

Like Arizona in the USA. This is monday’s chapter by the way.

HTK Chapter 210.1

HTK Chapter 210.2

[HTK] Ay Bonus Chapter

Thanks to Jon, Christian J and Bjarne S for sponsoring this bonus chapter. Locked Cucumber strips and Udon back into the basement for next week.

HTK Chapter 209.1

HTK Chapter 209.2

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