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[HTK][GE] Sorry for the late post

Well I told black bean sauce to include HTK and GE in the post, but I guess he forgot, so feel free to rabble at him for this late post

HTK Chapter 87 (Edited)

GE Chapter 56

[GE] Chapter 55

Sorry for being so late with this, university hasn’t been the kindest to my slep schedule

GE Chapter 55

[GE][GDN] Chapter 54/Chapter 169

In class, can’t talk. Fishballs is a butthole.

GDN Chapter 169.1

GDN Chapter 169.2

GE Chapter 54

[GE] Chapter 53

Sorry for being a day late on the regular chapter

GE Chapter 53

[GE] Chapter 52

Not sure if we’re caught back up onto the regular schedule, but here’s a chapter.

GE Chapter 52

[GE] Chapter 50 and 51

Sorry I didn’t get this out on the promised time; as an apology, here’s the next chapter as well!

EDIT from Cucumber: Now that’s all the regular chaps on the house from last week

GE Chapter 50

GE Chapter 51

[GE] Chapter 49

Here’s chapter 49, I’m sorry for not posting this yesterday, but I only got the rough translation today to edit.

GE Chapter 49

[HTK] Chapter 86

GE will be out tomorrow since tomorrow is my last day of work, so I’ll have more time to edit things.

For now, enjoy another long overdue HTK

HTK Chapter 86

[HTK] Chapter 85

Here’s chapter 85, the next should be up sometime tomorrow, and hopefully some GE as well.

HTK Chapter 85

[GE] x2

here’s the last chapter of last week and one chapter for this week

GE Chapter 40

GE Chapter 41

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