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[GE] 2/3

2/3 GE chapters this week, last one will be released tomorrow hopefully.

GE Chapter 38

GE Chapter 39

[GE] Third chapter of last week

Here’s the third regular chapter from last week, sorry for being a little late.

GE Chapter 37

[GE] 2 chapters woo

Here’s 2 chapters, one more coming tomorrow

GE Chapter 35

GE Chapter 36

[HTK] 2nd regular chapter

Here’s the 2nd regular chapter of the week, I think…

HTK Chapter 81.2

EDIT: Fishball thought wrong. It’s only the first regular of this week

[HTK] technically 1 chapter

Hey, today’s chapter is only the first part of chapter 81, that’s because the author made the chapter extremely long (4k+ english words) and even considers it as 2 chapters in 1. Therefore, chapter 81 will count as 2 regular chapters. Without further ado, here’s the 1st regular chapter of the week!

HTK Chapter 81.1

[GE] I wanna be the very best

like no one ever was, but I can’t because I’m at home editing :c

Thanks to Sheen C.¬†and Philip E. for today’s GE chapter (and sorry for doing the bonus chapter so late)!

GE Chapter 34

ew bugs

k i blem this late post for there being a massive bug in my room, had to tape up a big hole in my wall where i think all these bugs have been coming from

anyways, heres the chapters

HTK Chapter 80

GE Chapter 33

wut sorcery is this

Owaw there’s been 3 HTK chapters the past 3 days, I guess i’m just the best

HTK Chapter 79

Insert interesting post title here

k so couldn’t come up with anything to talk about so i guess here’s the GE chapter

GE Chapter 31

Here’s a magic trick

Now you see it, now you don’t….

oh wait, the HTK chapter is still here, o i guess im not a good magician

HTK Chapter 78

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