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HTK 4th chapter delayed + Update

This is a message for the user that goes by the username Weed and others that also felt the same.

Yeah man, sorry we would never think our readers deserve the chapters to be delayed. If anything, I probably feel the most frustration if my people couldn’t deliver on time, or if they couldnt post on patreon in a timely manner after chapter release, or if anything isn’t sticking to the schedule. It’s not just because I don’t want to fail the readers, but also because I would personally feel like sht if things don’t go as planned.

I will have a talk with Udon and let him know to stick to a fixed schedule, or like what we are already doing on our other book on, release at a fix time, down to the minute and second every day.

For future references, if sometimes sht did happen and we couldn’t deliver on time, should we make an announcement post? In the past, we’ve always been reluctant to send out a “bad news” message, because I felt that the email notification might bring up your hopes thinking that a chapter is already out, but then crush it… But ya, what are your preferences?

And lastly, the next chapter will be delayed to Sunday morning because Udon have something to take care of first.

[HTK] 1st Regular of the Week

Happy Black Friday guys! Now you can do your mad shopping spree on Amazon while supporting HTK to get more chapters! Just click through the links below and purchase what you want, and you will generate donation for HTK! All donation will also count towards Patreon goal of resuming 3 chaps per week after we can afford more translators.

Here are the Chapters:

HTK Chap 215.1

HTK Chap 215.2

Four bonus chaps will be in stock for release this weekend, and we will let you know if there are more bonus chaps in stock.

Revenue is added to the donation progress bar once every week displayed on the side bar.

For USA Amazon

For Canada Amazon

HTK delayed due to exams

Sorry guys, again we failed to work ahead to stock up chaps so we had to postpone the Monday chap. It’s our fault, so we will keep the 3 chaps htk/week going for 2 more weeks after our Patreon-earning dropped back to the 2 htk/week level this week.

I promise that the 3 regular htk chaps will come out by the end of this week, and Udon and I will try our best to bring u the additional 2 bonus chaps

[HTK] 2nd regular release of the week

Woah dude, we late again.

Holy sht. Ya, there were some miscommunication cuz Udon’s in China and he said he uploaded but then it didn’t update on the google drive so we have to wait till he wakes up to ask him to upload again. Sorry for the wait.

HTK Chapter 175.1

HTK Chapter 175.2

[HTK] Regular~

1/3 regular chaps delivered this week! For the chap released on Sunday, sorry Black Bean Sauce messed up, it was suppose to be a bonus chap cuz we already released 3 regular chaps. So ya, thank John the Patron (Tier Megafangirl) for this bonus chap, and the next one, and the next 3.

This is a guy that gets to play with big toys and get paid for it, cuz he’s an engineer. Holy crap I just realized that the John that sponsored 3 chaps on Paypal is the same john that pledged for 2 bonus chaps on Patreon. Thank you bro for your support!

HTK Chap 174.2

[HTK] It’s Friday, Friday

3/3 Regular Chaps delivered this week, Patron packages will update later, sorry for the inconvenience… gotta wait for homie Black Bean Sauce to get back home cuz he has the chaps

HTK Chapter 173.1

HTK Chapter 173.2

[HTK] 2/3 regular release delivered this week~

Alright, guys, take a break from donating for now. Right now we have 3 bonus chaps in queue and we are looking to clear it by the end of this week. Let’s wait until then~

HTK Chapter 172.1

HTK Chapter 172.2

[HTK] Big day, big announcement

Alright, 2 bonus chaps + 1 regular delivered.  Thank Mitchel for both bonus chaps, cuz this dude subscribed to our patron package HTK Mega Fangirl Pack twice…

And ya, thanks to all the patrons, HTK will be releasing 3 regular chaps per week for August.

HTK Chapter 167.1          HTK Chapter 167.2

HTK Chapter 168.1          HTK Chapter 168.2

HTK Chapter 169.1          HTK Chapter 169.2


[HTK] Friday Release~~ A little early

Alright so Black Bean Sauce got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out and now hes sad like a little btch. But its ok, I don’t care.

Anyways, here’s the chap:

HTK Chapter 165.2



[HTK Announcement] Release date voting and updates

Here’s a short announcement before the site goes down later again after we release a HTK.

  1. With the new ads and chapter split changes, we were able to add 1 additional core to our server, so things should be better now.
  2. With a few chaps in stock, our weekly release is stable now. Now, please help us vote on a date you guys want the weekly releases : Vote Here
  3. To clear up some confusion about the last announcement, sorry we were not clear, we meant that we will be able to clear the next 3 bonus chaps in queue within 36 hours. In addition, we want to thank you guys for being patient with us as we sort things out and find a system that works to help HTK get back on track, so we will be lowering all future bonus chap prices by 10$.
  4. You can check out our Patron page to see how you can increase regular chapter release rate or get early access.
  5. Next HTK chap will be released as soon as Fish Balls finishes editing it. Aka today or tomorrow.

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