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[GDN] aight so Black Bean Sauce is stooopeed

this guy forgot to post a post with the chapter linked in the post that was suppose to be posted at the supposedly posted time which is after every chapter release. so here it is:

GDN Chapter 209


Srry guys for the delays of chapter releases, I just finished a 20 pg marketing report over the weekend and have another group presentation to prepare for. But the presentation wouldn’t take too long, so u can expect a release before this wednesday.

Here’s a few updates that we didnt get to tell u guys before hand.

  • GDN there r 2 regular chaps in queue
  • u can expect at least one HTK in the following week, dw homies ur fix is coming
  • GE and MGZ are dropped, the translators wanted to focus on their academics for this yr, and i understand them
  • TT and SSS will be moving to the Onion Website and they will be releasing physical copies of their books soon! woah very nice much fun

k and that is all. im in my marketing class right now but i will get sum translation down for u homies cuz u know, fk, im behind schedule

[GDN] Everyone is so mad these days

It might have something to do with this song being played on a loop continuously from my room.

GDN Chapter 187.1

GDN Chapter 187.2

[HTK] when life fcks u in the face

HTK Chapter 94

[SSS] [Announcement]

Hey guyss, so our partner Onion just released a new book! Go check it out if you have time~

Oh and Onion had a medical condition so TT is postponed to next wednesday

But its k im working on the htk and gdn chaps alreadyyy so u guys will still have stuffs to read during poop time

SSS Prologue

SSS Chapter 1

SSS Chapter 2

SSS Chapter 3

SSS Chapter 4


[HTK] life is like a dck

it gets hard for no reason. now i gotta do HTK now.

it will be edited tomorrow when fish ball is done spamming professors with research position application emails.

here r 2 chaps on the house

HTK Chapter 87

HTK Chapter 88

[TT] we watched horror movie

so we watched a horror movie and fish ball, black bean and I ended up all sleeping in my room that night.

TT Chapter 60

[HTK annoucement]

I would like to sincerely apologize in Udon’s place. After a discussion, we decided to have Udon take a break from translation.

Instead, me, Cucumber Strips (translator of GDN) will try my best to translate HTK while looking for a competent translator to completely take over HTK.

As for now, the schedule of HTK will be 2 chapters released every Sunday, and I will also try my best to start clearing the bonus chapter queue.



HTK: Udon’s back in school and he said he will be working on more chapters this weekend! He will need tons of moola to pay for university since his summer job didn’t go as well as expected, so it’s going to be awesome with Udon being more motivated to produce more chaps for us all!

MGZ: Tomato Soup is in Brazil until Sept 7th so she will be taking a break until then!

TT: The riot in Onion’s country is finally settling down a bit and Onion is able to get bak into contact with his editor. More chaps soon!

GDN: im still working, like normal. u know. Here’s the regular for this saturday.

Note: Cucumber strips took a break from packing his mattress into his car and translated the bonus chapter for GDN. All hail anonymous sugar daddy.

GDN Chapter 165

GDN Chapter 166

TT Chapter 51

TT Chapter 52

TT Chapter 53

TT Chapter 54

TT Chapter 55

[GDN][MGZ] Regular for todayyy

So ummm, Onion’s from Zimbabwe and right now there’s sum serious riot going on there… so ya we apologize for the delayed TT chaps. He ate a tear gas bomb a few days ago and got his power cut yesterday. Damn, wat a life

GDN Chapter 163

MGZ Chapter 51

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