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[GDN][HTK] Check patron if website goes down. so we went to an amusement park today

Check patron if website goes down, posted chapters are free there 

It’s called Canada’s Wonderland, and Fish Balls was honestly crying on the rollercoasters. Like, what a pssyyyyyyyyy little btchhhhh

HTK Chapter 143

HTK Chapter 144

GDN Chapter 274

GDN Chapter 275

But for real though, even little kids sat on them and enjoyed it, and then i look to my side and i see Fish Balls drooling and crying out tears of “JOY AND EXCITEMENT” and has his eyes and butthole tightly closed/clenched.


[GDN] [Annoucement}

dw guys, HTK’s out soon, please stay tuned~

When HTK comes out, the site usually goes down temporarily due to heavy traffic. So to make sure you guys can read asap, we will make the same chaps on patron for free as well, so ya go there babyyyyyy

GDN Chapter 268

GDN Chapter 269

GDN Chapter 270

GDN Chapter 271

GDN Chapter 272

GDN Chapter 273 is on qidian we dont have the editted version so yaaaa oh shieeeett



SO MANY CHAPS! There are still 2 more htk on our patron page waiting for some final edits, and there are sht tons of gdn there too so be sure to check them out boisssssssss

HTK chap 141

HTK chap 142

GDN chap 266

GDN chap 267

[HTK][GDN] its that time of the year again

hey babies~~~~ here are the chaps.

2 early access HTK and tons of GDN r out on Patreon already, and they will be released soon since they just need some final edits~

HTK Chapter 139

GDN Chapter 263

GDN Chapter 264

[GDN] ayyyyyyy it’s that time of the week again

Qidian already posted the chap for GDN 251 !

I’m just gonna be finishing my midterm tomorrow and i will be stacking chaps up again for patrons. sorry that i’m a little behind these few days on HTK and GDN

[HTK] sorry, lost a part of the chapter

Check chapter 129.2 again, fcking black bean sht forgot to post everything

someone’s gonna die tonight


Cuz we release so fcking slowly~ But please trust us, we are trying our kanye best already~

HTK Chapter 129.1

HTK chapter 129.2

Here are the regulars for this week, this chap is split into two because the author said it in the raw chapter that it counts as two

Donors and patrons, please check your email or the patron page for the 2 bonus chapters. All donors in queue will receive early access, so it’s kinda like our way of apologizing for the chapters taking so long…¬† The two chaps will be released after some final editing

[GDN][HTK Annoucement] Ayyy we got our biggest sugardaddy

Alright, so as some of you guys have noticed, we are updating on Qidian now~ Right now it doesn’t have a release notification function, so we will still write a post when they release to notify those that are subscribed to us by email~

We will also be updating on Noodletown a few hours after Qidian just so that we have a record on our own site, cuz u know, its still our baby.

GDN 246

GDN 247

GDN 248

HTK will be out in a sec, black bean sauce is working his magic right now

Patrons remember to check our page for early released chapters on GDN and HTK~


[HTK annoucement]

*k let me clear up the clear up: i want to thank all of you guys that appreciate our work, we really wouldn’t have made this far without you guys. This message is just directly towards those that left some rude and unnecessary comments for the past few months ever since Udon dropped HTK and I had to juggle my time translating two novels at the same time while studying full time in university

This is Cucumber Strips, and let me just clear a few things up.

  1. Last chapter counted as 2 because it is 4k words long, the length of two long chapters put together. So no matter how you look at it, it’s two chapters worth
  2. We are volunteers, who are supported by our donors. If you didn’t donate, i don’t think you have the right to ask for anything
  3. HTK is Udon’s project, not mine. GDN is currently being sponsored by Qidian per chapter, so I think i’m already being nice enough to pass on the opportunity to earn more money on GDN just to translate HTK.
  4. Btw, Qidian is already hiring translators to translate Qidian novels, and since HTK isn’t one of them, I don’t know if there are any other translators like us that is willing to translate regular chapters for free when they can translate a Qidian novel and get paid
  5. GDN is less popular, and I personally like HTK more as well. But that doesn’t mean you get to disrespect GDN and ignore its fans and be selfish as fk just demanding what you want, especially when you are not paying jack shit to read it

[GDN] aight so Black Bean Sauce is stooopeed

this guy forgot to post a post with the chapter linked in the post that was suppose to be posted at the supposedly posted time which is after every chapter release. so here it is:

GDN Chapter 209

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