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[HTK] Wednesday release

This is for wednesday. total: 2/3 regular chapters delivered for this week

HTK Chapter 187.1

HTK CHapter 187.2

[HTK] New release for HTK

Monday delivery, 1/3 regular chaps delivered

HTK Chapter 186.1

HTK Chapter 186.2

[HTK] Wow did we release in one day?


HTK Chapter 185.1

HTK Chapter 185.2

[HTK] Next release in one day

I promise sorta.

HTK Chapter 184.1

HTK Chapter 184.2

[HTK] First chapter of the week

Hail the King Chapter 183.1

Hail the King Chapter 183.2

[HTK] Yay we released on time

Wow we are amazing

HTK Chapter 182.1

HTK Chapter 182.2

[HTK] Busy school year time

Our semester officially starts tomorrow. Since Cucumber Strips is going to do an honors thesis and I’m applying for graduate studies, life is going to get a lot busier. Good thing we have a few more people working with us now so we can output these chapters.

HTK Chapter 181.1

HTK Chapter 181.2

[HTK] Updating in an attic

Internet sux up here.

Hail the King Chapter 180.1

Hail the King Chapter 180.2

[HTK] HTK Release

HTK Release

~~~~ Cucumber strips stranded without internet~~~~

HTK Chapter 179.1

HTK Chapter 179.2

[HTK] Hei its yo boi, Skinny Cucumber

Thank you to John the Patron (Tier Megafangirl) for sponsoring this bonus chapter.

HTK Chapter 178.1 

HTK Chapter 178.2 

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