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[HTK] First Release!

Here is the first release of this week! We are back on schedule, and the next chapter would be released on Wednesday. Stay tuned!

Hail the King Chapter 237.1

Hail the King Chapter 237.2

[HTK] Third Release!

Here is the third release of the week! Enjoy!

Hail the King Chapter 236.1

Hail the King Chapter 236.2

[HTK] Second Release!

Here is the second release for this week.

Hail the King Chapter 235.1

Hail the King Chapter 235.2


[HTK] Now the htk posts will be done by me!

Here is the chapter for Friday.

Hail the King Chapter 234.1

Hail the King Chapter 234.2


[HTK] Ayyy only a little bit over 2 hours and 34 minutes late

Last regular chapter of last week.

HTK Chapter 233.1

HTK Chapter 233.2

[HTK] Second one this week

Wooooooooo we gonna do all 3~

HTK Chapter 232.1

HTK Chapter 232.2

[HTK] First regular this week

HTK Chapter 231.1

HTK Chapter 231.2

[HTK] Last Chapter this Week

Ayyy we made it on time

HTK Chapter 230.1

HTK Chapter 230.2

[HTK] Second Regular for this week

Last one coming tomorrow.

HTK Chapter 229.1

HTK Chapter 229.2

[HTK] Here comes this week’s regular chapters

This week’s first regular chapter. The others will be released tomorrow and the day after.

HTK Chapter 228.1

HTK Chapter 228.2

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