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[HTK] Ay Bonus Chapter

Thanks to Jon, Christian J and Bjarne S for sponsoring this bonus chapter. Locked Cucumber strips and Udon back into the basement for next week.

HTK Chapter 209.1

HTK Chapter 209.2

[HTK] Last of this week’s regular chapters

Ayy Udon and Cucumber strips worked hard to do these chapters amidst their busy schedules. Okay boys, we can let them out of the basement now (*-`ω´- )人(*-`ω´- )

HTK Chapter 208.1

HTK Chapter 208.2

[HTK] 2nd release of the week

This was supposed to happen 4 days ago hue. Buuuut since we are on the topic of time, tomorrow is daylight savings. Yay, more sleep time.

HTK Chapter 207.1

HTK Chapter 207.2

[HTK] Monday release on Friday

Our exams and assignments are mostly done, so we are working on the chapters now.

Thanks for waiting!

HTK Chapter 206.1

HTK Chapter 206.2

HTK delayed due to exams

Sorry guys, again we failed to work ahead to stock up chaps so we had to postpone the Monday chap. It’s our fault, so we will keep the 3 chaps htk/week going for 2 more weeks after our Patreon-earning dropped back to the 2 htk/week level this week.

I promise that the 3 regular htk chaps will come out by the end of this week, and Udon and I will try our best to bring u the additional 2 bonus chaps

[HTK] Friday release during the daytime?¿?

Wow. The index page of HTK has finally been updated. We will do patreon later on today. Definitely before tomorrow though, but we had to delay it because our translator needs to go to the airport.

HTK Chapter 205.1

HTK Chapter 205.2

[HTK] Wednesday Release again

I want to eat snacks but I’m too fat to go buy them :v

HTK Chapter 204.1

HTK Chapter 204.2

[HTK] That good old release schedule

The Most Interesting Man In The World - I Don't always release on time But when I do, I make sure everyone knows about it

HTK chapter 203.1

HTK chapter 203.2

[HTK] Sorry for the late release

I had an exam that I didn’t study for soooooo we released late.

HTK Chapter 202.1

HTK Chapter 202.2

[HTK] Wednesday Release

HTK Chapter 201.1

HTK Chapter 201.2

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