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[HTK] yey one more

one more chapter to celebrate the new year

HTK 109

[HTK] happy new years

woo its a new year

HTK Chapter 108

[HTK] Black bean sauce is a butthole

Won’t write posts for me. Going for a mass release of GDN swoon.

ε- ( ̄、 ̄A)

HTK 106

HTK 107

[GDN] Hats are cool

Covers up people’s bald spots.

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 213

[GDN][HTK] Happy Boxing day

I got super sick yesterday and threw up my lunch. It was great. Couldn’t edit any chapters because I went comatose for 12 hours after the puke fest but I did enjoy sleeping my way through Christmas. Anyways heres some chapters

GDN Chapter 211.1

GDN Chapter 211.2

GDN Chapter 212.1

GDN Chapter 212.2

HTK chapter 103

HTK chapter 104

HTK chapter 105

[GDN][HTK] Finally back

We are gonna start that HTK and GDN catchup now. We might have Udon back so HTK chapters might be coming again faster. Buuuuuut no promises anymore so who knows. i’ll give you a solid 10% that it might happen. Huehuehuehue

GDN Chapter 210

HTK Chapter 102

[GDN] aight so Black Bean Sauce is stooopeed

this guy forgot to post a post with the chapter linked in the post that was suppose to be posted at the supposedly posted time which is after every chapter release. so here it is:

GDN Chapter 209

[GDN] Woops I guess I’m old now

I turned 20 today, so that means I am officially a quarter through my life. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

GDN Chapter 208

[GDN][HTK] odank we posted a day late

coz we took a 4 hr nap, so i guess we’re not sleping tonite

GDN Chapter 207

HTK Chapter 101

[GDN][HTK] Salty Salty Cucumber strips

Has to fight his doggu for dominance everyday. At least now he likes HTK so we are gonna do sum of that catching up we were supposed to do 3 years ago.

GDN Chapter 206.1

GDN Chapter 206.2

HTK Chapter 100.1

HTK Chapter 100.2

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