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[HTK] Wow 2 bonus chapters

Thank you to Chubby Panda and Jon for sponsoring these two chapters!

HTK Chapter 191.1

HTK Chapter 191.2

HTK Chapter 192.1

HTK Chapter 192.2

[HTK] Alright Its time to start cutting down that bonus queue a little

But since we are procrastinators, we will do it tomorrow.

HTK Chapter 190.1

HTK Chapter 190.2

[HTK] Finally

We are almost there. Only late 25 minutes this time 😀

HTK chapter 189.2

[HTK] We are late one day again…

Maybe we should just say that we are releasing on Tuesdays.

HTK Chapter 189.1

This chapter was a 2 in 1 so this is 1/3 of the weekly releases.

[HTK] Oh crap we are late

Cucumber strips felt bad for not releasing on time. But at least we made it now. This is the last regular chapter this week.

HTK Chapter 188.1

HTK CHapter 188.2

[HTK] Wednesday release

This is for wednesday. total: 2/3 regular chapters delivered for this week

HTK Chapter 187.1

HTK CHapter 187.2

[HTK] New release for HTK

Monday delivery, 1/3 regular chaps delivered

HTK Chapter 186.1

HTK Chapter 186.2

[HTK] Wow did we release in one day?


HTK Chapter 185.1

HTK Chapter 185.2

[HTK] Next release in one day

I promise sorta.

HTK Chapter 184.1

HTK Chapter 184.2

[HTK] First chapter of the week

Hail the King Chapter 183.1

Hail the King Chapter 183.2

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