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[HTK] We posted it as two pages

Plz don’t be angru. We want to make more money and then be able to hire other Noodletown TLs to do HTK

HTK Chapter 162.1

HTK Chapter 162.2

[HTK/Noodletown news]

Alright this is the result

The winner is………… release more you fags. ok. ok. i c u. ok guys.

About the same amount of people chose release 2 chaps on same day or separate days as of 1:03AM eastern. We will be releasing the two chapters on separate days, so you will be getting the first chapter earlier than having to wait till both chapters are ready.

A little update on Noodletown, I hired a number of translators for GDN (about 5 chaps done per day), so they will be working for Qidian in my place while I do some content-edit for them for free. And then I will save the rest of the time for HTK. We are also going to split the normal chapters into 2 parts released at the same time (each counts as 0.5 of the 2 weekly release) so we can get more ad money to:

  • pay for better server
  • potentially paying my GDN team money to do HTK, so we can also pump out HTK like a butthole doing the diarrhea

Hope you guys understand my decision. or u know, fight me irl bro.

actually dont do that, just leave a comment and we can discuss. k bai

[HTK+ release preference survey] Cucumber strips enjoys balls

All kinds of balls

HTK Chapter 161

Alright so we have this idea. We can do about 1000 english words of HTK every day, so we want to know if you rather have us upload a half chapter once every day for 4 days, or just 1 at a time, or just both at once. So here’s a poll and let us know what you think

[HTK] Korean wave vs Push Force Mountain Big

I hate chinese to english translations…

HTK Chapter 160

[HTK] Bonus chapters in yeeeeeeeeeeeeeears

Next two chap out on Noodletown Patron.

HTK 159.1

HTK 159.2

K, thank Thomas S, James K, and Nadav M. Sorry for the long ass wait, and chap 159 is split into 2 cuz the author did a 2 in 1. Each part is the equivalence of what would be a long normal chap. So don’t be angru plz.


[HTK] It might be slowly coming bak now

Thank you guys for your patience. Since I couldn’t find more translators for HTK since its free, I found more translators for GDN, so HTK will slowly recover now cuz me and Black Bean Sauce will translate more of it

HTK Chapter 157

HTK Chapter 158

The next two HTK Chapters have been posted on Patron

It will be released after the editors gives me the final green light. Cuz now its yellow. cuz we asian.

[HTK] Dam Pokemon Go

I had to run down a sketchy alley with Fishballs holding a japanese crepe because Fishballs decided that he wanted to catch a damn dinosaur. Pokemon Go is gonna get us shanked and mugged T_T

HTK Chapter 155

HTK Chapter 156

[HTK] I need to bath my booty

Which I am going to do right after I post this.

HTK Chapter 153

HTK Chapter 154

[GDN] Just for record keeping boysssss

Woah dude, so long, just like my _____ (cat)

GDN Chapter 276

GDN Chapter 277

GDN Chapter 278

GDN Chapter 279

GDN Chapter 280

GDN Chapter 281

GDN Chapter 282

GDN Chapter 283

GDN Chapter 284

GDN Chapter 285

GDN Chapter 286

GDN Chapter 287

GDN Chapter 288

[HTK] Heres this weeks chapters.

Hail the King Chapter 151

Hail the King Chapter 152

If the website crashes again, just go to noodletown patreon.

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