This is the Sugar Daddy/Mommy Hall of Fame, we only included a few because the list would be too long to include everyone.

Thank you for all you homies that supported us. We are only able to live our university student university lives with the university essentials because of your help. Even if you are not on the list, Fish balls loves you all.

Supplier of our dingdong Mansion
Jacob O
Supplier of our squeaky bed Fabien R
Supplier of kinky fast Internet Tristan L  Ricardo V  Kirk J
Supplier of all the clothes that fish ball later jacks Milton E Marthias R Van T William M  Richard K  Jamie T
Supplier of the throne we polish our rocket in Donovan M
Supplier of fish balls’ balls Jonathan H  Dadrian M  Davor G
Supplier of the Textbooks we don’t open Sudarsan L Josh P Maria L Tom P Var S Colin D
Supplier of Instant Noodle Abdelkrim O Everett C Cody L Nadav M Cody L