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[HTK] New post

This a new post.

PS check patron if website doesnt load. these 2 chaps r free on there now

HTK Chapter 149

HTK chapter 150

[HTK] Fishballs rather starve than not eat fish balls

Its the way he survives

HTK Chapter 147

HTK Chapter 148

[HTK] Wow I haven’t written a post in the long time

What a nosy housewife this cucumber strips is. He’s like the type of housewife that lives next door and knows all about that embarrassing time you shat your pants in grade 4 and what types of pr0nz you hide underneath your bed because she gossips with your mom all the time. And then she goes ahead and asks you when you gonna get a hot grill friend but she knows that you have 16 anime waifus in your bedroom. Waw wut a nosy housewife.

HTK Chapter 145

HTK Chapter 146

[HTK Annoucement]

The 2 chapters for this week will be out tonight.

A lot of things happened in the past couple of days, and I am a little confused on what really happened that caused the negotiation between WXW and Qidian to fall through. I guess we will just wait and see how everything unfolds in court.

Please excuse the tone I used on my last post as I was yet to realize the seriousness of this issue and still joked about it. If I learned one important thing from this whole debate, and it is to release more HTK and leave the two corporate giants to solve things between them. It’s almost impossible to learn the actual truth for us outsiders due to the NDA, so we will let the law decide who’s just.

Anyways, we will continue to make sure that HTK is released twice every week regularly, will work late hours to stock some up and will discount the bonus chapter price starting next week to speed up overall release

Lastly, let’s just keep the comments free of “fck your mom” type of remarks since insults won’t get us anywhere. We do encourage discussions and fact-checking questions. Please understand my initial bias towards Qidian, as our working experience are mostly pleasant, there was no threats/warnings towards Translators that were claimed by other people. I mean, if you are working on novels with occasional donations and someone comes along saying, we want to buy all your past chapters, and pay you the bonus chapter price (approximate) for every chapter from now on, there really wouldn’t be any need for threats/warnings. After all, I want to continue to make my way through university without my parents’ support, and also be able to put my employment experience with an industry giant on my resume.


[Qidian and Wuxiaworld is fighting]

Summary of what happened: they broke up. now Qidian wants to go to law for divorce and WXW is talking sht to her friends about her ex.

I posted on NU: Don’t make me look like a loner plzz and comment. just comment your honest opinion

I just want to get some facts out there for you guys so you can think about whether you are taking the right side:
1) 200 old chapters to 4000 American Kaching Kaching Qidian bought the 200 chapters the Galactic Dark Net (ik, its just an ok novel, im getting bored translating it now but dw i wont stop though, and i will negotiate with author for better ending of the novel). Anyways, they bought these 200 chapters for $4000 USD. Like why, I would honestly give it to them for free, but they said they want to thank us for our hardwork in the past. I think any translating groups can verify that Qidian even offered to pay for the old chapters to be used on their site.
2) USD$35-40 base rate pay per chapter Right now Qidian is paying me $40 per chapter. In the future, they will enable ads and share that revenue with translators and editors as well.
3) Survival of this community I don’t think it depends on WXW or Qidian, but the translators and editors. It’s important to get their point of view on which environment they would like to work in and who they like to work for. Believe it or not, WXW is also a corporate-like entity, and it actually represents China’s pirate style more vividly than Qidian lol. You guys should all know which side owns the copyrights. The Chinese authors of these books we all love entrusts Qidian to protect their rights, and you guys should really ask how much WXW is paying those Chinese authors for their hard works.
4) Slave? More like sugardaddy: you set your own quota. Being the lazy bum you guys know, noodletown sometimes don’t have stable release speed cuz of exams and stuff. In those cases, I would just msg the qidian guy on wechat and let him know. You know, the quota stated on my contract is 5 chapters per week, and I actually never once met the quota until summer started a few weeks ago. I wasn’t fined or anything. Qidian just does contracts with translators to maximize stability, but there is a lot of flexibility.
5) No quality no pay? NO SHT IF YOU ARE PAYING SOMEONE 40$ TO TRANSLATE, DO YOU WANT QUALITY? But its not that strict. My translation of GDN’s quality is so bad that my editor wants to cry whenever he edits, but I’m still getting paid. For it to be rejected, it probably have to be at google translate level and Qidian can’t use. If Qidian cant use it and have to find someone else to translate, then why pay the translator? You guys want quality too right?
6) WXW’s Claim: the material they are using is honestly the very first draft of Qidian’s contract. So ya, if you are gonna talk in 2017/05/24 i think you should talk about the contract that’s being used right now between Qidian and its translators.
7) Opinion on WXW: I honestly feel that WXW is just trying everything to ensure that it can still make the same amount or more money like old days, without having to pay anything for the copyrighted material they are using. But you know how many people make fun of China using pirated shit without copyright, and you see how easy it is to side with the pirate’s side? But this time i honestly don’t get why, because both sides offer free sht. I like how he keeps mentioning somethings cannot be mentioned due to NDA, if he really cares about some NDA stated by Qidian’s contract, why is he still using Qidian’s novels, doesn’t it seem sketch to you guys?
8) Opinion on Qidian: keep the money coming. It’s not even the readers’ money they are paying us, but their own investment. Readers still gets to enjoy free chapters, while Qidian invests heavily to make sure apps and sites are optimized. Honestly, what had Qidian done to you guys that so many ppl want to shit on them and blindly follow WXW? Both are free mangggg, now we just have to look on the legal and rational side.
Conclusion: 8 is a lucky number so i will stop there. Ask any questions about the translator’s perspective and i will reply.

[GDN][HTK] Check patron if website goes down. so we went to an amusement park today

Check patron if website goes down, posted chapters are free thereĀ 

It’s called Canada’s Wonderland, and Fish Balls was honestly crying on the rollercoasters. Like, what a pssyyyyyyyyy little btchhhhh

HTK Chapter 143

HTK Chapter 144

GDN Chapter 274

GDN Chapter 275

But for real though, even little kids sat on them and enjoyed it, and then i look to my side and i see Fish Balls drooling and crying out tears of “JOY AND EXCITEMENT” and has his eyes and butthole tightly closed/clenched.


[GDN] [Annoucement}

dw guys, HTK’s out soon, please stay tuned~

When HTK comes out, the site usually goes down temporarily due to heavy traffic. So to make sure you guys can read asap, we will make the same chaps on patron for free as well, so ya go there babyyyyyy

GDN Chapter 268

GDN Chapter 269

GDN Chapter 270

GDN Chapter 271

GDN Chapter 272

GDN Chapter 273 is on qidian we dont have the editted version so yaaaa oh shieeeett



SO MANY CHAPS! There are still 2 more htk on our patron page waiting for some final edits, and there are sht tons of gdn there too so be sure to check them out boisssssssss

HTK chap 141

HTK chap 142

GDN chap 266

GDN chap 267

[HTK][GDN] Wow did we just release something

I thought this site was ded

GDN Chapter 265

HTK Chapter 140

[HTK][GDN] its that time of the year again

hey babies~~~~ here are the chaps.

2 early access HTK and tons of GDN r out on Patreon already, and they will be released soon since they just need some final edits~

HTK Chapter 139

GDN Chapter 263

GDN Chapter 264

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