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[GDN] Late on the first day

GDN Chapter 235

[HTK][GDN] Fish balls controls the sphincter

Ayy we did 2 HTK bonus chapters and the two GDN Chapters for Tuesday and Thursday

HTK Chapter 118

HTK Chapter 119

GDN Chapter 233

GDN Chapter 234

[HTK] Wow did we finally catch up on HTK?

Yes. yes we did. Time to start bonus chapters.

Image result for great success

HTK Chapter 117

[HTK] Sorry we are late for last weeks.

So we released 3 Wow so guud

HTK Chapter 114

HTK Chapter 115

HTK Chapter 116

[GDN] Ayy Happy Chinese New Year + 1

Was super busy doing hardcore drugs with my $20 of red pocket money so I couldn’t edit this chapter. My bad. But is it really. It probably is. Don’t do drugs kids, $20 can be used to buy pocky.

GDN Chapter 232

[GDN] Finally done the Bonus queue

When was the last time it was empty. Wow we suck at this

GDN Chapter 230

GDN Chapter 231

[GDN] Chapters here woooo


GDN Chapter 229

[HTK] exams sux

Finally some more HTK chapters

Unfortunately, I have an exam this weekend, so the next HTK chapters will have to come either at the end of the weekend or next week.

HTK Chapter 112

HTK Chapter 113

[GDN] Making up for the one we missed

Releasing 2 GDN today.

GDN Chapter 227

GDN Chapter 228

[GDN] Stocking up for the zombie apocalypse

We went shopping today and bought a crap ton of canned foods cuz they were on sale. Did you know, improperly stored canned foods may cause botulism when consumed, which only has a 33% survival rate. Plis RNGesus, let me survive this good deal.

GDN Chapter 226

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