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[HTK] Sorry went to America

I forgot to say that I was taking a trip to america to do sum shopping. Got lost in Boston cuz one way streets are hardcore.

HTK Chapter 177.1

HTK Chapter 177.2

[HTK] Sorry Guys I fell asleep

In light of recent discussion on the language used in our last last post, I would like to clarify that I did not intend to attack any particular group of people with my choice of words. Everybody sucks equally

Also, we are late again cuz I fell asleep, please pillage Cucumber Strip’s Anus.

HTK Chapter 176.1

HTK Chapter 176.2

[HTK] 2nd regular release of the week

Woah dude, we late again.

Holy sht. Ya, there were some miscommunication cuz Udon’s in China and he said he uploaded but then it didn’t update on the google drive so we have to wait till he wakes up to ask him to upload again. Sorry for the wait.

HTK Chapter 175.1

HTK Chapter 175.2

[HTK] Regular~

1/3 regular chaps delivered this week! For the chap released on Sunday, sorry Black Bean Sauce messed up, it was suppose to be a bonus chap cuz we already released 3 regular chaps. So ya, thank John the Patron (Tier Megafangirl) for this bonus chap, and the next one, and the next 3.

This is a guy that gets to play with big toys and get paid for it, cuz he’s an engineer. Holy crap I just realized that the John that sponsored 3 chaps on Paypal is the same john that pledged for 2 bonus chaps on Patreon. Thank you bro for your support!

HTK Chap 174.2

[HTK] Waw our third weekly chapter brought to everyone by our Donors on Patreon

HTK Chapter 174.1

This chapter was a 2 in 1 so we split it into two. Plis don’t lynch us again.

[HTK] It’s Friday, Friday

3/3 Regular Chaps delivered this week, Patron packages will update later, sorry for the inconvenience… gotta wait for homie Black Bean Sauce to get back home cuz he has the chaps

HTK Chapter 173.1

HTK Chapter 173.2

[HTK] 2/3 regular release delivered this week~

Alright, guys, take a break from donating for now. Right now we have 3 bonus chaps in queue and we are looking to clear it by the end of this week. Let’s wait until then~

HTK Chapter 172.1

HTK Chapter 172.2

[HTK] Cucumberstrips the Pickle man

Thank prin_sesa0506 for this complete bonus chap~ She pledged to our HTK Mega Fangirl Pack of Fans so you guys get this chap now
Btw, the guy that donated 120, thanks bro, check your email. So ya, in addition to the 3 chaps u sponsored which will be released later this week on our site, you will receive 4 additional early access chapters too, which is our highest patron tier reward.
First chapter is regular release

HTK Chapter 170.1 HTK Chapter 170.2

HTK Chapter 171.1 HTK Chapter 171.2

[HTK] Big day, big announcement

Alright, 2 bonus chaps + 1 regular delivered.  Thank Mitchel for both bonus chaps, cuz this dude subscribed to our patron package HTK Mega Fangirl Pack twice…

And ya, thanks to all the patrons, HTK will be releasing 3 regular chaps per week for August.

HTK Chapter 167.1          HTK Chapter 167.2

HTK Chapter 168.1          HTK Chapter 168.2

HTK Chapter 169.1          HTK Chapter 169.2


[HTK] Oboooooooooi

We aren’t dead yet. Yet

HTK Chapter 166.1

HTK Chapter 166.2

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