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[HTK] Oops sorry for the delay

This is the third regular chapter from last week.

HTK Chapter 227.1

HTK Chapter 227.2

[HTK] Second Regular of the week

And one more regular for this week before bonus chapters.

HTK Chapter 226.1

HTK Chapter 226.2

[HTK] Happy Boxing day, the true Holiday

This is the first regular chapter of the week wooooooo~~~~

HTK Chapter 225.1

HTK Chapter 225.2

[HTK] Oboi another bonus chapter?

This is the second one of our HTK bonus chapters from our 2 weeks off done.

HTK Chapter 224.1

HTK Chapter 224.2

[HTK] First Bonus Chapter of the week

A bonus chapter of this week that is from us skipping releases for 2 weeks yo~~

HTK Chapter 223.1

HTK Chapter 223.2

[HTK] Ayy second regular chapters this week

We gotta get all these regular chapters out of the way before we start the bonus queue.

HTK Chapter 222.1

HTK Chapter 222.2

[HTK] Ayyy we are back

This is our regular chapter for Wednesday.

HTK Chapter 221.1

HTK Chapter 221.2

[HTK] Gotta go on Hiatus for like 2 weeks

Its final exam period yaaay. So we are going to stop releasing until the 20th and add 4 chapters to the bonus queue (1 for this week and 3 for next week)

Thanks for understanding.

HTK Chapter 220.1

HTK Chapter 220.2

[HTK] First Chapter and Three Chapters a Week again

If you guys don’t know, we started releasing our new book “My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife” over at Due to everybody supporting us on patreon, HTK is back to three releases a week again. Oh Boiiiiii

HTK Chapter 219.1

HTK Chapter 219.2

[HTK] Another Bonus Chapter

Thanks to Caleb D, Joshua K for sponsoring this bonus chapter!

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