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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

The Solitary Sword Sovereign  – Index
Author: The Onion Junktion

Twitter: @onionjunktion95

Instagram: @theonionjunktion



One day, humanity was divided into classes and was given abilities. These people gained various levels of strengths and powers. Mysterious structures called dungeons came into being all over the world. The world changed. Demons escaped from the dungeons and attacked mankind. Mankind set out to destroy these dungeons and was faced with many challenges and encountered many dangers. Those who conquered the dungeons and demons were rewarded with extreme power. 16 year old Will Chamberlain was granted the class of Water Meister. He could freely control water. This ability was more than what meets the eye. Will decided to enter a dungeon. His true aim was immortality. With his power over water, his weapon of choice- a katana, and the key of walking the path of martial arts, he took on his destiny to conquer the Dao of the sword in this game of a world. Follow Will as he fights to establish an empire in this world plagued by demons and unknown forces that threaten mankind. “I will not be controlled by this world, I shall be the Sovereign!


Tags: Fantasy, Adventure, Survival, Xuanhuan, Qihuan, Action, RPG, Magic, Martial Arts, Gods, Post Apocalyptic, Cultivation, Comedy, Xianxia


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  1. Lord Fifth

    This is quite interesting. If I had money I would support this but I’m broke. Waiting for more!

  2. Is this being published by The Onion Junktion? I don’t see it posted on their website anywhere, only here.

  3. Please

    Any updates

  4. What ever happened to The Solitary Sword Sovereign?

  5. waiting for an update

  6. InasneWolf56

    😭 I’m on chapter 18 of this book and I can only read up to chapter five here

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