Where the Noodles Are Translated

Chinese or Korean instant noodles?

Here is todays chapters. Waw we are on time waw. Thank you to CJA for sponsoring today’s bonus chapter of Galactic Dark Net!

Hail the King Chapter 17            Hail the King Chapter 17 Adfly

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 21    Galactic Dark Net Chapter 21 Adfly

Hail the King translated by Big Udon and edited by Fish Balls

Galactic Dark Net translated by Cucumber strips and edited by Black Bean Sauce


Its so late, its tomorrow


I wanna eat asian street food and get diarrhea


  1. Maggie noodles 😀

  2. I read this on my phone, couldn’t comment for some erason ~_~. Now i’m home!

    Thanks for the chapters!

  3. Servant:Reader

    Instant Noodles = Lifeline for people without cooking skills
    so no matter what : WORSHIP THEM

  4. Hahaha. it’s so awesome and funny when you all have names for food. xD

    Thanks for the chapters!

  5. PantsuParty

    Eh I like Chinese noodles the best but Korean is pretty good too

  6. Ramen! XD

    • But wat flavor damn such hard question

      • Please. Curry is the best. I mean, it’s not horrid like beef, plain like chicken, strange like prawn/seafood. It’s mild. Throw in mini sweet corn, broccoli, a ton of spring onions throw in some eggs while cooking the noodles, so that they stick to the noodles magically. Then mix in a little oyster sauce. Throw oyster sauce, bacon and a few other bits and pieces like omelette on top and add more oyster sauce, soy sauce and a splash of mirin, sea salt and then realise it’s too big for a bowl so you have to use a plastic jug. Chinese food is meant to be easy though. Why does it look so easy 🙁

        • Oh shiiieeet man sounds delicious, seems like u really like oyster sauce haha i like to use it for cooking too. But ya gotta love rice especially curry beef brisket on rice

          • Ah, I’m not that keen on rice. I like it with a little weak curry or egg-fried, with extra egg. Mainly just the egg, take most of the rice away. Then it’s pretty great. I do enjoy sushi (rice) though. Half the time, I just want the rice, the other half, it’s the creamcheese, seaweed, chives and either tuna or prawn. Tamago is pretty great too. Seriously though about 150-200ml for oyster sauce is about 3-5$, you use half a one just to flavour the ramen enough for 1-2 portions. I REALLLLY want to try mantou or whatever steamed buns are called. Fat people can taste food better, fat people in stories eat steamed buns and poor people love them. WHERE IS MY MANTOU :@ :@ :@.

          • Ya mantou is awesome, if u just eat it alone u can taste a bit of sweetness too

          • You are my mantou, my only mantou, you make me just a little be sweet, when you’re colour is off-grey. Give me my mantou, my only mantou. Please don’t take my mantou away.

          • Oh shiieet for sec i thought u were talking bout me and i was like oh shieet bro no h--o

          • I hope it’s not actually pronounced man toe.

          • Hahaha it actually is

  7. Just found your translation on Novel Updates. Hail the King is awesome! Can’t wait for more chapters so thanks a lot for your hard work! 😀 I’m going to binge read Galactic Dark Net now, hopefully its as good as HtK 😀 Also, hopefully these comments will teach me about asian noodles. Never had any beyond Lo Mein and yakisoba… 😛

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