Where the Noodles Are Translated

Did you know you are supposed to poop 3 times a day

So ya. Poop more guys, its healthy for you. Thank you to Sandy Nguyen for sponsoring today’s purchase of toilet paper for HTK translator and editor.

Hail The King Chapter 19     Hail The King Chapter 19 Adfly

Hail the King Chapter 20     Hail the King Chapter 20 Adfly

HTK Translated by Big Udon and edited by cyborg ninja farmer Fish Balls


Fishballs is b–thole


When Black Bean Sauce is Kill and CuCumber strips takes over


  1. Anonymous

    dank dude, after all this chinese food i’ll probably be spending all day in the s-----r

  2. Well I do 1 per day
    ….poop I mean 😁

  3. Chaoscycle

    Well we eat 3 times a day so of course we should poop 3 times too. If you only poop once then where did the other 2 go? It gets stuck inside and causes some intestinal disorders, maybe colon cancer too and much worse toxic farts that can burn through walls and clogged nose xP

    • But…. Its so much trouble….

      • Chaoscycle

        Then atleast twice just try routinely doing it in the once in the morning and once evening bring your phone or notebook too if it takes you a while yo finish lol

      • Chaoscycle

        Haha that happens a lot when you’re not used to it yet but it gets better after a few days you’re body will have t timed well. Like for example me uhhhm some between 5-6am just right after i wake up and 10-11pm before i usually sleep. Its troubling though when im still out at the time but atleast i know its coming lol. Damn sorry too much unwanted info haha

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