Where the Noodles Are Translated

I’m outta snacks

Hei guiz, here’s today’s chapters. I hate exam season cuz I always run out of snacks but its k, crushed instant noodles are only about as unhealthy as potato chips. Probably. Also, Anyways, thanks to Sandy Nguyen for sponsoring today’s bonus chapter of Hail the King.

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 28    Galactic Dark Net Chapter 28 Adfly

Hail the King Chapter 24             Hail the King Chapter 24 Adfly

  • Black Bean Sauce


Do you like tapioca or jelly in bubble tea?


Le oopsies


  1. Who doesn’t hate exams?

  2. Servant:Reader

    exam are only for the form, if you don’t have good face and experience it’s only serve as decoration

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