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Quiz time!!

Hei guiz, heres today’s chapters. Sorry I haven’t been updating the bonus queues that often lately but I’ve been really lazy. Or busy. So today’s quiz question is, which one of these dares went down in our drinking game?

a) Fishballs squirted ketchup onto Cucumber strip’s face

b) Black bean sauce’s pelvis was crushed by another guy

c) Fishballs fed kimchi to Black Bean Sauce using only his mouth

d) Cucumber strips died before we even reached the game

Thank you to the Cool anonymous guy who paid for our pirate juice and today’s bonus chapter of Hail the King!

Hail the King Chapter 25   Hail the King Chapter 25 Adfly

Hail the King Chapter 26   Hail the King Chapter 26 Adfly

Black bean sauce


Le oopsies


Ello Gaiz!


  1. D) Im sure

  2. cruel black bean sauce…..

  3. d) all of the above

    Also, what type of Taro? Green tea, Black tea or Coffee, with or without bubble slush(!?)

    • Ummm idk man i usually just have taro flavor, never tried it with anything else…

      • Hmm. Follow the link I posted and fill a basket to 10+ so I can order. Do it. I’m so pro…. crastinative… That my pro-activity is asking you for this 😐

        • Wait wat link thoughh?

          • YOUR SECRET IS REVEALED, THERE IS MORE THAN ONE OF YOU! Seriously though, on this page: https://noodletowntranslated.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/le-oopsies/comment-page-1/#comment-1220

          • Oh damnnn wait wat do u want us to do again? Anyways i suggest just trying the taro milktea with some tapioca, i like it mellow

          • … Green or Black? With or without bubble slush? (I have no idea what bubble slush is, I know what a bubble is, but how can it be slush?!)

          • I think it might be bubbles that if u bite it u pop it and juice comes out. Umm i think green might be better, and ya for something mellow i would prefer no bubble slush but its up to u mannnn u so racist just cuz we chinese doesnt mean we major in bubble tea mangggg jeezzzzz but ya try it

          • Oh wait nvm bubble slush is just bubble tea but slushies my bad i just google imaged it. And ya i think taro bubble slush is pretty good too

          • Hmm. Well, since I’ll get some gyoza as well, I’ll get both. TOO MUCH TO DRINK. Does the none-slushie get bad when you leave it sitting for hours? Also, what noodles flavour should I get? I’M NOT RACIST BECAUSE YOU LITERALLY TELL ME GET TARO AND THEN THE NEXT DAY A TAPIOCA DRINK PLEASE THAT HAS NOODLES OPENS UP FOR DELIVERY IN MY TOWN. Serendipity > coincidence. Now, I’m not being racist with the noodles because you’re literally the home of noodles, town. Also, which chapter of GDN did I sponsor? If it’s a mediocre one, I’ll be racist and say fishballs > you 😐

          • Hahahaha im not sure, black bean sauce handles it but i would say probably one in the 12-15 chapter in queue cuz we got a huge lineup. Anyways i’d suggest the spicy beef one but idk how well that place makes it hahaha

          • I hope it’s not udon or yakisoba. Yakisoba is usually dry. Ramen/instant noodles are the best sadly ;~;
            Also, what the hell is taro?

          • Google image it, it kinda looks ugly like fish ball but i love the mellow sweet taste

          • Seems like a mixture between coconut and potato. Since it’s sweet, I’d say yam. Psssh. You’re meant to describe how it tastes. I mean… I can’t even begin to describe how a potato tastes. Can you?

          • Ah right, while we’re speaking of mellow. Slightly thick chips that seem undercooked, not chewy or starchy. That somehow taste a little eggy are pretty delicious. Sadly, I haven’t had them in years 🙁

          • Wow. It’s pretty delicious. A mellow cocut flavour. God, I hate the tapioca jelly like balls. I mean… How are you supposed to eat? Just swallow? I didn’t see them in the cup, I put the straw in, sucked and boom lots of balls in my mouth. It was a rather fishy experience. Tell fish balls I want 50$ for that 😐

          • Oh god. I think I might secretly be black, or harbour gender bender fantasies and would probably want to be a vampire in an ivory tower, but have fantasies of black men because I thought “what if u no like taro”, so I got a watermelon slush instead of a taro slush. It’s nice enough to block some trauma. Sadly, writing this has given me more trauma. At least the watermelon slush isn’t white. I’ll have to avoid the black balls in it though.

          • Hahahaha aight bro

          • Still though, like melon, without the bad parts of chewing. That itself makes it pretty great. Then it’s refreshing due to being a slushie that’s not too sweet. Chewing gum loses it’s flavour, so a great 5 seconds, to blandness. This just keeps on going. An ever lasting gobstopper. Sadly it still has black balls of tapioca. 🙁

          • Noodle. Help. I think I’ve drank too much sugar and carbs. I feel like I’m floating and that I should add whiskey to the rest of the watermelon slush. I don’t even drink :|||| NOODLE. Wow. Without being melodramatic, it actually feels as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. Either that, or I’m close to brain freeze, having a stroke or there’s a snip…

  4. Roilis

    Do youknow anything about a noodle incident.

  5. Its obviously c but id like to think d would happen so that he could reincarnate with super OP translating powers lol

  6. Taryn

    I’m going with d)

  7. Everyone chose d. So I’ll chose c. 😛

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