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Ello Gaiz!

Eyyy mes amigos, this is my first time writing a post, so sorry if I sound a little bland, but I just couldn’t let Black Bean Sauce (our Campus popo) have that much authoriteh over the numerous deep dark secrets that we promised each other to NEVER-I’m looking at you black bean sauce- reveal.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the answer to yesterday’s quiz…they’re all right, ohoho.

Thanks to Kirk Johnson for sponsoring the GDN chapter!

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 31    Galactic Dark Net Chapter 31 Adfly

Hail the King Chapter 27          Hail the King Chapter 27 Adfly

  • Fish Balls (Chief Sex Office)



Quiz time!!


Oh no final exams


  1. Taryn

    Hey Cucuumber, so I was right!! (well partially I guess).
    So weak willed… ;p

  2. So it was cucumber, how fish ball doing? The chief of what???? Then what are you cucumber???

    • Nah it was fish ball, the chief sex officer. I appointed him that honorable position because he bought me and black bean sauce bubble tea. Cucumber (me) is the boss that lives next room to black bean sauce and i can give him a hard spanking when hes not working hard

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