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Oh no final exams

Hei guiz. So exams are starting this week and since all of us are university students, we gotta study. We are going to keep the pace for regular chapters for sure. However, although we will try our best, we might not be able release bonus chapters. We’ll keep the promotion until the 10th, so the bonus chapters will stack up for us after we finish exams. Anyhoo, thank you to Josh price for sponsoring today’s bonus chapter of Hail the King, and the tissues for wiping our tears.

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 32        Galactic Dark Net Chapter 32 Adfly

Hail the King Chapter 28                Hail the King Chapter 28 Adfly

  • Black bean sauce and Fish balls


Ello Gaiz!


Exams ate Udon


  1. Taryn

    Sucks to suck.
    jk, good luck on exams. You guys start really early, we still have like two weeks before our exams start.

  2. Taryn

    So you guys are done the week after?

  3. Best of luck in the exam
    And thanks for the chapter

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