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Spicy food hurts so good

So ya, apparently everybooty who likes spicy food is secretly, or openly, a m-------t.  And also oranges are great for taking away spiciness. Lastly, Cucumber strips will also be dead for another 4 days due to his exams being in the next 4 days. Anywaiz, here’s today’s chapter of Hail the King, which is also a regular chapter.

Hail the King Chapter 31   Hail the King Chapter 31 Adfly

Black Bean Sauce


How to survive an alien invasion


✓ Message seen


  1. I wanted to say ‘M’ detected when I saw your post’s title.

  2. Oh….. okay. You guys got weird hobbies anyway…and fetishes…

  3. The person you mentioned must be fish balls…

  4. Servant:Reader

    i don’t understand why you said spicy food hurts, especially when you are trying to force someone else to eat

  5. Spicy food is for spicy people and why oranges it hurts my heart

  6. Chaoscycle

    Spicy foods not only burns your mouth when it comes inside the body it burns when coming out too lol. Milk gets rid of the burn btw

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