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Black bean sauce is a big butt

Hi peeps, sorry for the late post, black bean sauce decided to go and disappear off into limbo today and not reply to our messages on Facebook… so I guess black bean sauce has been the true b------e to everyone the whole time. As such, once black bean sauce decides to reduce his b------e size, we’ll have another GDC chapter. Anyways, here’s your regular chapter for HTK.

Hail the King Chapter 33  Hail the King Chapter 33 Adfly

P.S. Black bean sauce handles the Adfly stuff, so until he’s back we won’t have the Adfly link :c


✓ Message seen


Man I’m so important


  1. Awww, Thanks anyways 🙂

  2. Thanks for the chapter

  3. Link is not working…

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