Where the Noodles Are Translated

Man I’m so important

Hei guiz, here’s today’s chapters. I guess black bean sauce is essential to any bowl of noodles (heheheh im so coo). Fish balls has also made it clear that he is very against saying “no h--o” after stealing my clothes but dats another story. Thank you to Josh Price for sponsoring today’s bonus chapter of Hail the King and also contributing to my fund to buy new clothes.

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 37  Galactic Dark Net Chapter 37 Adfly

Hail the King Chapter 34          Hail the King Chapter 34 Adfly

  • Black Bean Sauce is not me


Black bean sauce is a big butt


What’s more painful


  1. Yes, you’re right, i think fish balls is not important *snickers*

    And the bullying will continue….

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