Where the Noodles Are Translated

What’s more painful

hi guys, kinda busy today, so i’ll just leave you all with a question for today’s release. What do think is worse: eating super-extremely spicy noodles or eating a mouthful of crushed instant noodles that have a bunch of the super salty MSG seasoning?

Anyways, today’s HTK is a regular chapter, and cucumber strips and black bean sauce are MIA today, but they’ll be back tomorrow.

Hail the King Chapter 35 Hail the King Chapter 35 Adfly

Fish Balls


Man I’m so important


I suck at cooking


  1. Chaoscycle

    MSG is pretty bad long term. Super spicy IN super spicy OUT besides it helps clear clogged nose and gives you duck lips.

  2. All of them look extremely nice to eat.

  3. MSG is life, thug life MSG XD

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