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3 fast 5 me

Hei guiz, today I’m just gonna keep the post short and stuff. Thanks to Abdelkrim Ouahasna for sponsoring today’s bonus chapter of Galactic Dark Net!

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 41    Galactic Dark Net Chapter 41 Adfly

Hail the King Chapter 36            Hail the King Chapter 36 Adfly




I suck at cooking


Wow Scheduled posts are cool


  1. Is there a spoiler page for these 2 novels like I need those spoilers for like the next 500 chapters for galactic dark net and the next 700 for hail the king

  2. Wow so fast! Thanks! I didn’t forget the vegetable guy xD

  3. NoahTheShoa

    Oyy veyyyy, thanks for giving them shekels!

  4. Thanks for the chapter

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