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Horror Story time

So today, I got a message that one of my roommates was gonna jack my kimchi. Unfortunately, I am a 3 hour drive away and couldn’t defend my crack. I was very sad so I went out to buy some icecream and some diabetes. It was all dark and shiz so I couldn’t see that well in front of me. Then I realized something ….. I don’t have any Kimchi in my fridge :O Its Cucumber strips’ Kimchi in the fridge. Anyways, heres today’s chapters, thank you to Synthous for sponsoring Cucumber strips Jr’s manly supplements and the bonus chapter for GDN. As well, thank you to Josh price for paying for the decoy kimchi in the fridge and the bonus chapter of HTK.

Hail the King Chapter 38     Hail the King chapter 38 Adfly

Hail the King Chapter 39     Hail the King Chapter 39 Adfly

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 45  Galactic Dark Net Chapter 45 Adfly

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 46   Galactic Dark Net Chapter 46 adfly



My friends are buttholes


Did you guiz know…


  1. Thanks!

  2. wait, what, so you put the kimchi in fridge?

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