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Did you guiz know…

Cucumber strips and Fish balls are both sum weird perverts. Dey always naked under their clothes. Ew I wanna switch translation groups. Thank you to Everett Chadwick for sponsoring today’s bonus chapter of GDN. Since fish balls is busy stalking hot grills on the web, we will get 2 HTK chapters tomorrow.

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 47     Galactic Dark Net Chapter 47 Adfly

- Edited and translated by Cucumber Strips


Horror Story time


I am so smert


  1. Omnicast

    Those must be some fine a-s grills. Let’s have a bbq!

  2. Your comments are fun to read xD Thanks for the chapter! Can]t wait for the HTK chapters 🙂

  3. So it seems like fish balls need some spanking .-.

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