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[HTK] yey one more

one more chapter to celebrate the new year

HTK 109


[HTK] happy new years


[GDN] Galactic Dark Net is back


  1. More chapters to celebrate the happy new year please!
    Thanks for everything.

  2. and galactic dark net?

  3. abbu1234

    it a great story i was searching for one like this for a while. ah it sucks that their is so few chapter. i wish i could read like 300 chapter before catching up. i t took me only 2 day to read all 109 chapter. you should update more it a very good story people will come to read it eventually.

  4. Linley

    I kinda dont like speaking about GDN on an HTK post, but.. When update for gdn ???

  5. Dear Friends, many thanks to the Author, Translator(s), (Editors), (Donors) for the awesome chapter! With lots of love, Jack

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