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[HTK] This is a long one

And theres probably gonna be more tomorrow. This one was extremely long so we are counting it as two chapters.

HTK Chapter 122.1

HTK Chapter 122.2


[GDN] GDN releases


[HTK annoucement]


  1. aadajo

    sigh what BS thinking this is considered 2 chapters man seriously its still 1 no matter how u look at it. We been waiting weeks when you people forget that HTK is 2 chapters per week meaning no half-takes like this but we put up with it/ Because we have to I can understand mid-terms so no bitchin here about it as it is important but please don’t go saying spliting a chapter into two parts is 2 chapters its still 1 and not 2

    • noodletowntranslated

      u do realize that this chapter is 4k words long right? and normal chapters are 1.5-2k words

  2. Seregon

    Those guys don’t realise or read comments. The vast majority wants HTK over GDN.. post 1 chapter HTK but 3 GDN makes no sense.

  3. HTK is more popular than GDk its a fact and we would prefer more HTk, so Black bean sauce just think about it and don’t dismiss your readers.

  4. abbu1234

    for real i agree if you check you will see that HTK has over 100 comments and GDN has 72. i just saying hope there’ll be a more chapter today like you said. i didn’t like that cliffhanger because who know when you guys will update again. Hope you guys did good on you mid-term though. Anyway i am not a person who likes to leave post but i read and give money if i satisfied but this novel i comment more times than i have on anything online like YouTube, novels, Facebook in a year no 2 years. So as you can see i really like this novel. it was rated as 16th on novel update popular list for a while but dropped 30 something probably because of the slow pace. i just saying focus more on HTK you’ll get more views and more money. i normally leave a novel and don’t comeback for a while to wait for it to update a lot but 2 per week eh…. you should try to look for someone to help you translate or edit which ever you need someone is bond to help out. Oh and read the comments find out what people want. you see HTK is more popular yet gets less chapter makes no sense. GDN is less popular but get more chapters. makes no sense to me. i don’t like comment like i said but i just really like this novel, it as good as ATG, MGA, MW, TMW, SR, AST and etc basically as good as the novel on WuxiaWorld, Gravity tales, etc. i just saying that it can make a bit popular like those websites. Because honestly i haven’t seen a novel like this before, so i really like it. it has all the things i like in it like harm, a bit of ecchi, comedy, suspense, kingdoms, main as king, main trying to improve his kingdom and etc. you can find most of these but i don’t see much to any novels like that even ATG the main doesn’t really care much about the mortal world and kingdoms of stuff because of the Divine Realm. Anyway i talk for a long time sorry if i offended you but i just really like this novel and would like someone that updates everyday or at least every 2 days like Alyushu on Spirit Realm and ATG. oh and one more thing if the author doesn’t make it 2 chapters than it’s one chapter. if you update frequently you can get away with it but some people might feel as if you lying and just being lazy but i don’t mind much just want another chapter so that cliffhanger doesn’t bother me all day or week to know what happened.

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