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[GDN] ayyyyyyy it’s that time of the week again

Qidian already posted the chap for GDN 251 !

I’m just gonna be finishing my midterm tomorrow and i will be stacking chaps up again for patrons. sorry that i’m a little behind these few days on HTK and GDN


[HTK] Uruguay


[HTK] Who cares about cucumber strip’s projects


  1. You might want to un-register noodletown from the novel updates GDN tracker, it’s mildly irritating if you see the same chapter posted twice – just a hint πŸ™‚

    • noodletowntranslated

      ohh i think its done manually by us or some readers
      and we haven’t done it for awhile now lool

  2. damn...

    then… now you’re not going to post the chapters here anymore?

  3. you’re not going to post the chapters here anymore?

  4. Or you , cucumber , will post to ? and no longer here ?

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