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[GDN] HTK announcement

Sooo, we’ve been pretty busy with our studies lately, so we’re going to release 6 compensatory HTK Chapters and the bonus after our exams are done in early may. Thanks for everybody’s patience.

GDN Chapter 259


[HTK][GDN] I feel like it has been exam season since January


[HTK][GDN] We came back


  1. Mugien

    So does that mean you will hold off on releasing htk for a month or so? Or will you be releasing a couple same as usual along with the compensatory in early may?

    • noodletowntranslated

      sorry man, right now we are in the middle for our exam season, so we decided to take a short break from translation and focus on studying. However, we will post 6 chapters in May on top of the 2 weekly regulars to appreciate your patience

  2. Mugien

    I’m not impatient or anything myself, I just wanted to confirm if any would come out in between now and may. Thank you and no rush take your time, I’m just glad you’re still doing htk.

  3. Phoeneix

    Does this also mean, that no GDN until May? And good luck with your exams!

  4. Giulio Rissi

    Dont worry friend, be calm and good luck with your exams

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