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[GDN][HTK] Check patron if website goes down. so we went to an amusement park today

Check patron if website goes down, posted chapters are free there 

It’s called Canada’s Wonderland, and Fish Balls was honestly crying on the rollercoasters. Like, what a pssyyyyyyyyy little btchhhhh

HTK Chapter 143

HTK Chapter 144

GDN Chapter 274

GDN Chapter 275

But for real though, even little kids sat on them and enjoyed it, and then i look to my side and i see Fish Balls drooling and crying out tears of “JOY AND EXCITEMENT” and has his eyes and b------e tightly closed/clenched.



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  1. Eh, you guys are Torontonians too? Nice!

  2. What about GDN 273

  3. Some people have fear of heights

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