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[Qidian and Wuxiaworld is fighting]

Summary of what happened: they broke up. now Qidian wants to go to law for divorce and WXW is talking sht to her friends about her ex.

I posted on NU: http://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/here-are-some-facts-from-working-with-qidian-noodletown.37863/ Don’t make me look like a loner plzz and comment. just comment your honest opinion

I just want to get some facts out there for you guys so you can think about whether you are taking the right side:
1) 200 old chapters to 4000 American Kaching Kaching Qidian bought the 200 chapters the Galactic Dark Net (ik, its just an ok novel, im getting bored translating it now but dw i wont stop though, and i will negotiate with author for better ending of the novel). Anyways, they bought these 200 chapters for $4000 USD. Like why, I would honestly give it to them for free, but they said they want to thank us for our hardwork in the past. I think any translating groups can verify that Qidian even offered to pay for the old chapters to be used on their site.
2) USD$35-40 base rate pay per chapter Right now Qidian is paying me $40 per chapter. In the future, they will enable ads and share that revenue with translators and editors as well.
3) Survival of this community I don’t think it depends on WXW or Qidian, but the translators and editors. It’s important to get their point of view on which environment they would like to work in and who they like to work for. Believe it or not, WXW is also a corporate-like entity, and it actually represents China’s pirate style more vividly than Qidian lol. You guys should all know which side owns the copyrights. The Chinese authors of these books we all love entrusts Qidian to protect their rights, and you guys should really ask how much WXW is paying those Chinese authors for their hard works.
4) Slave? More like sugardaddy: you set your own quota. Being the lazy bum you guys know, noodletown sometimes don’t have stable release speed cuz of exams and stuff. In those cases, I would just msg the qidian guy on wechat and let him know. You know, the quota stated on my contract is 5 chapters per week, and I actually never once met the quota until summer started a few weeks ago. I wasn’t fined or anything. Qidian just does contracts with translators to maximize stability, but there is a lot of flexibility.
5) No quality no pay? NO SHT IF YOU ARE PAYING SOMEONE 40$ TO TRANSLATE, DO YOU WANT QUALITY? But its not that strict. My translation of GDN’s quality is so bad that my editor wants to cry whenever he edits, but I’m still getting paid. For it to be rejected, it probably have to be at google translate level and Qidian can’t use. If Qidian cant use it and have to find someone else to translate, then why pay the translator? You guys want quality too right?
6) WXW’s Claim: the material they are using is honestly the very first draft of Qidian’s contract. So ya, if you are gonna talk in 2017/05/24 i think you should talk about the contract that’s being used right now between Qidian and its translators.
7) Opinion on WXW: I honestly feel that WXW is just trying everything to ensure that it can still make the same amount or more money like old days, without having to pay anything for the copyrighted material they are using. But you know how many people make fun of China using pirated s--t without copyright, and you see how easy it is to side with the pirate’s side? But this time i honestly don’t get why, because both sides offer free sht. I like how he keeps mentioning somethings cannot be mentioned due to NDA, if he really cares about some NDA stated by Qidian’s contract, why is he still using Qidian’s novels, doesn’t it seem sketch to you guys?
8) Opinion on Qidian: keep the money coming. It’s not even the readers’ money they are paying us, but their own investment. Readers still gets to enjoy free chapters, while Qidian invests heavily to make sure apps and sites are optimized. Honestly, what had Qidian done to you guys that so many ppl want to s--t on them and blindly follow WXW? Both are free mangggg, now we just have to look on the legal and rational side.
Conclusion: 8 is a lucky number so i will stop there. Ask any questions about the translator’s perspective and i will reply.


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  1. kaaaaa

    qidian might add a pay to read in the future so meh
    as long as its free then im good

    • noodletowntranslated

      ya i think they will too, but i guess its fair cuz they did invest tons of money in the site/app/labor.
      But i hear its gonna be pretty cheap, like a few cents per chapter to support the business/authors, so at the end of the date it would probably be the cost of a pack of cigarette or six-pack to read every month

      • LOL, and you don’t think wuxiaworld invested money into their site? Get real, how much money do you think Qidian is going to give the authors? They don’t want to do their own good quality translations yet want to shut other sites down? This isn’t china where corporations can run rampant.

        • noodletowntranslated

          its different. Qidian offers flat base pay as investment

          • And Quidan doesn’t care about quality as long as it is readable, while at WuxiaWorld all translations so far have good quality.

          • noodletowntranslated

            that’s actually not true, I was a bit exaggerating to prove the point that Qidian’s not a douchebag to deny pay for chapters that are not perfect

      • You expect few cents per chapter for Quidan? For China maybe, for rest of the world? Nah, at least $1.99 and to read 100 chapters I will need to pay $199, hell even if it is $99 I won’t pay it. I’d rather support $10 or $20 patreon of one of the WuxiaWorld translators and enjoy all chapters including chapters for patrons only. As for Quidan, well, http://www.TheQuidanBay.org is on their way the very moment Quidan puts up a paywall.

        • noodletowntranslated

          haha ya i understand where you are coming from. Tbh when I read chinese novels i would just go to pirated sites as well.
          As for the novels I’m translating, I understand that some people may not be willing to pay for chapters every day, or just too lazy to set up payment. What I’m going to do is to continue posting chapters on my Patron so readers can directly support me if they want to and have access to the chapters.
          Btw, Qidian wouldn’t charge 2$ per chapter, that I will assure you. It will be about 10 cents per chapter, because that itself is already a significant amount of money for novels with over 10k readers, which is about 1000$ of revenue per chapter per book. They’ve run a successful business (research how big Tencent is and how many companies they own a share in), so I trust them to find a sweet spot between demand and supply to get that perfect price for us.

    • Tiulo

      Ahh!!! damn you,i almost got heart attack …can you change your picture,please

    • bomm

      yeah, after monopolizing everything sooner or later qidian will wantto make bigbucks which will put alot of readers no choice but to stop reading

      • noodletowntranslated

        yep, that’s exactly what happened in the commerce world. Oh wait, people still drink beer, watch tv, use internet? How’s that possible when it’s not free?
        OHHHH maybe because they found a sweet spot to set price so that supply/demand can both get comfortable.
        I think Tencent knows how to do that. Maybe you should look up that company and see how big it is. It probably has the smart people to find the right price on chapters.
        Btw, I think Qidian has 97% of the online reading traffic going towards their site, there might be a reason why both readers and translators chose it over other publishers.

        • randomReader

          I have to say this since you mentioned these examples. Beer, TV do not have a monopoly yet. Internet companies on the other hand have a definite monopoly, just like Qidian is trying to get. What is the result, they charge attrocious cost for service as they know you do not have an option. The cost of internet is amongst the highest in the US for subpar quality.
          Get your facts straight when you mention examples
          Source: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/internet-u-s-compare-globally-hint-slower-expensive/

          • noodletowntranslated

            ya, but they aren’t free right? You have to pay for Beer and TV, and those sure will be cheaper than the chapters on Qidian. People are mad that Qidian might charge money, not the fact that they might become a monopoly in the small niche of wuxia novels. Even if QI monopolizes the whole novel market, if they don’t charge you money, people won’t be mad.
            Qidian will not be a monopoly because there are always other novels to read online that aren’t from Qidian. The only novels Qidian are hosting are those that their authors wrote, so what’s wrong with having full control over their own products? Are you dumb or something? Like, there’s nothing wrong with being retarded, just don’t talk as much online

  2. So wuxia is bithcing around, ok mr monopolist -_-

    • noodletowntranslated

      how is it monopoly when its your authors that wrote the books lol.
      there are always more novels to read online, Qidian is just aggregating all of their OWN novels back to their website, is that wrong?

      • Isomin

        Well then, this has been a bit of a newsflash to me. I was not aware that Quidan owned these books. Sh*t. I originally was supporting WuxiaWorld in this moral debate but I guess I have to change my stance now. I evidently haven’t been looking into this enough or maybe just in the wrong places.

        • noodletowntranslated

          I must say WXW does really good PR. But sometimes people have to look past what rwx is saying and analyze wat’s really happening. For instance, there’s a reason why:
          – WXW came up with a contract right after the QI issue (to shift legal responsibilities to wxw translators if there’s ever a court notice)
          – the big name translators came to QI instead of staying with WXW.
          – WXW came to complain to the community rather than seek help in court

          • Johnny2cents

            Alas Deathblade didnt move to Qi so until he goes over there youre gonna have to change that to “Some big name translators”.

        • lifeblade

          qidian has absolute monopoly in chinese for webnovel
          every author who want post some lambda webnovel need to sign some contract with qidian
          qidian own right for chinese…
          but who acknowledge chinese copyright when chinese don’t acknowledge
          other copyright
          furthermore usa , for example, allow translation for educational purpose and so on, but chinese don’t

          where qidian’ll find some translator for 40$ per chap when translator, in china, discard their offer(and we know chinese’s wage are the lowest)
          nowhere :p

          so? qidian just find a perfect fat lamb.
          under threat of prosecution, every litle pimply teenage translator will bow, some will continue to translate for qidian because they think qidian is legal , can earn some pocket money without worry their relative

          none will said “want to sue me? sure…find me..i use a pseudo..money? i get gift from some friend, it’s not some wage…so? scram

          • noodletowntranslated

            1) authors can go with other publishers, and those that choose QI believe they can make the most money with QI. Why else would they? Who’s forcing them to sign with Qidian?
            2) allow translation for educational purpose. lol. yeah, not commercial purpose, like what Wxw or what most translation groups are doing. So why are you even retarded enough to bring that up in this context?
            3) Threat of prosecution? If they can find a job that pays more? Who’s stopping them? If they want to translate a book from another publisher, who’s stopping them? I’m right now 90% sure that I make more than you, and I’m happier with my job than you.
            4) your english is s--t. Don’t try to be a translator please.

  3. Actually I don’t care about it. As long i can read my fav novel for free. It doesn’t where’s the novel is hosted. But to stop reading some novel because of the hosting not because of the story or the TL quality is bad. I think its very childish.

    • yeah but qidian are planning on pay gating their app and site

    • As you can read. If they’re using paywall that mean its my end. Not the end for those who want to support the novel. With QI you didnt need bother to worries about the licensing. And if you translating for hobby and you join QI you can even get the money. If im not wrong any kind support to translator like patreon is allowed to qidian. You can read the chapter in patreon and the translator get extra income. As you can see many people protesting because of paywall, because they didn’t want to pay (reading because of boredom), they cant pay (the difference money currency) (In my country 1 sponsored chapter = my living expense for 3-5 day).

  4. 1life4death

    Honestly just want my novels…but sucks that this seems to be making people choose sides, and no offense i understand that you have to go where the money flows but at the same time still kind of suck

  5. Jack is only a reader. A leechie reader at that. Jack rarely ever donates for chapters. Jack used to be a patron for quite a few novels (arnd $2USD per novel, per month) but had to cancel them all last month due to budget constraints.

    To say that Jack is a loyal fan would probably be a lie. Jack reads for fun and to immerse himself in an Alternative Universe. Jack will read wherever he can find the novels. Of course Jack will certainly try to support the authors, translators and editors etc, but it has to be within Jack’s abilities and means. As a commoner reader, Jack frequently turns of his AdBlock and clicks on ads, unlike those silkpants readers.

    What will happen once the Great Paywall of China goes up? There are websites in China rehosting those Chinese novels for free. Soon there might be English ones too? Maybe there already are? There was the XXW clone site wxw dot co recently…
    You say both are free, but is Qidian truly gonna be totally free to read?
    1) QI don’t even have advertisements so Jack wonders who will they be charging to pay all the translators. (~40usd per chapter for more than 30 novels).
    2) How much will QI be charging Jack to read in the future? Jack reads 23 different novels at QI at the moment. If Jack intends to read the latest chapters for all 23 novels will Jack have to pay X-X USD per latest chapter? Or a subscription of X-X USD per month for each novel? Btw ambitious Jack is currently reading close to 200 novels.

    Jack wonders if he will be able to set aside enough money from his puny budget to continue reading all of his favorite novels online. Soon Jack will have to abandon his dreams to be a cultivator and return to reading his Mangas online :/
    Or maybe not…

    • Comrade in arms. here i’ll give you a hug.

      • One day Jack will be filthy rich m and donate tons for all his favourite novels!
        (Inspired by Jack’s idol Ge, aka Zuo Mo who dreams to so rich that he can swim in an ocean full of jing shi or mo bei XD)

  6. NTHR

    I’m not sure about your grasp of either contracts or the English language but here’s some clarification for you.
    The reason WW are adhering to the NDA is because it makes their position stronger in a legal case, it’s that simple.
    You’ve stated that both QI and WW are free and yet in a reply to a comment you’ve said QI will be paywalled, therefore QI won’t be free in the foreseeable future and hence this is not a fair point to make. Additionally the quality of translations (and website) is far inferior on QI.
    Furthermore QI took the dispute public first so to say WW is the one chatting s**t is disingenuous (I assume you don’t know the meaning of the word so you can substitute in deceitful as a close match).

  7. JJ

    honestly, what motivated you to translate CN novel ?

    • noodletowntranslated

      tbh, a combination of liking the novel i read and being able to make money and start my own community

      • bomm

        the only reason he is sidong with qidian and talking trash about ww is because of the money

        • noodletowntranslated

          yep you are right. I don’t know who’s going to hire you if you are just going to take their money and side with their competitor.

      • bomm

        everything is all about money

  8. there is a thread on Novelupdates forum titled

    Qidian pays $30 to $40 per chapter

    where a lot of posters support the high payment that Qidian is giving. Maybe someone can post a reply on that thread so more people can see it.

  9. I love reading novels, and honestly where they are hosted doesn’t matter to me. However, as a broke student I’m unsure how much of my budget I’l be able to set aside to read with Qidians paywall that may or may not be set up. I’ve always respected translators for the hundreds or even thousands of hours they poor into these novels, and the little pay they get from ads or patreon. If worse comes to worse I can cut a few ramen packs out of my diet for more chapters!

  10. this post is actually very amusing on the basis of how ill informed it is.

    the one sharing the contract details isn’t WW (wtf is wxw??) and neither have WW made insane claims. so you seem to have a working situation going? good for you, because quite frankly, you’re not legally obligated to tell the truth as long as it isn’t criticising Qidian.

    the WW team has not made any unfounded accusations like you are doing now. WW wasn’t even signed up to the same contract as you are. WW purchases the licenses allowing them to host the stories, and that’s what they have been working on with more platforms than just Qidian. WW pays for licenses, and hosts some ads for revenue, readers willingly either donate or support through patreon to the appropriate groups.

    or maybe you didn’t know, but chinese authors don’t have any rights as far as Qidian is concerned, the options i frequently hear tossed around are along the lines of “either you join us and share your story here, giving us the entire rights to it. Or you don’t get your story shared at all”. WW has gotten permission from authors as well as messages and videos directly from the authors thanking the international fans who love their stories. who was it who came around complaining about copyright infringement early on? Qidian, not the authors.

    since you feel compelled to show a stance on the topic… has an author ever done the same for you? author messages thanking your readers, maybe a video? or did you actually ask if it was okay before Qidian came and told you to sign the contract if you want to keep going?

    but who am I to judge -.- after all, I’m just an ignorant netizen capable of thinking for myself >.>

    maybe this comment won’t even be permitted to stick around on your site.

    • Mako

      That is true. I supported this site, ever since it started..But I’m really disappointed this time. I can see through the post how biased it is…JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE PAID??? Well, you got your money by selling your conscience… Now, I can only say bye to all the novels I eagerly supported before..

  11. Et tu, Brute?

  12. noodletowntranslated, how many hours does it take you to translate one chapter? Hopefully not more than 4 hours, because then you’d be working for less than minimum wage. Is it worth it?

    I’m a little surprised that you would have been willing to just give away all those chapters you translated in the past to Qidian for free. You put in so much time and effort!

    The reason why jobs exist, and why people pay others for their service/goods, is because people are willing to do what someone else doesn’t want to or can’t do. How well does Qidian value your service?

    • bomm

      if you are getting paid handsomely like this guy, you’ll surely do anything just to suck dick considering that he just rode this translating gig for the money, all about the money

      • noodletowntranslated

        idk man, no dick is getting into my mouth, and i’m probably making more than you when u r in university (40$USD per 1.5 hour)

    • noodletowntranslated

      i take 1.5 hours on average, so it’s about 40$CAD base rate for me per hour which is decent for someone who hasn’t graduated

  13. Wow, someone is sucking up to Qidian for money. Really sucking up. Something I have noticed on this site before is that the translator got really mad at people complaining about the really low release scheduled. They said stuff like if you don’t donate money don’t complain, to a point that’s fair. But I get the feeling NoodleTownTranslated is not doing translations because they love sharing what they like, but because they want money.

    I went and visited QI with their total of 41 badly translated novels and noticed they have no adds. If I was ignorant I would say, “Yay, what a great site” but because I’m not ignorant I can say this just means they’re either going to make a paywall(which I saw people talking about) or make you look at adds all over. This is what is only and educated assumption through knowing they need to make money somehow. I don’t think this is a good bushiness standard.

    You said “I just want to get some facts out there for you guys so you can think about whether you are taking the right side” but I didn’t see many facts.

    When reading what you wrote it looks more like QI bought you out.

    If QI has such great benefits and Wuxiaworld is some monster why did so many translators from Gravity Tales switch to Wuxia World? Some even posted that they couldn’t agree with what was going to happen to Gravity Tales and therefor left.

    If NoodleTownTranslated wasn’t the only place to read Hail the King I would stop coming here. It is such a great novel but you don’t do it justice. The release schedule is horrible and when someone complains you try to bash them in a public post by saying “pay me if you want to complain” which is kinda horrible as well.

    Finally I just can’t trust your post since I question the morality behind it as it gives an undertone that you have been bought out and also because reading on wuxiaworld for so long they give me a feeling of much more honest people with proper business standards. Yes you’re right that they’re also a company but because of that they seem that more professional.

  14. Why do my comments need moderation? Are you trying to avoid having bad stuff posted on you?

    • noodletowntranslated

      its to keep out ads. dw we approved all the negative ones, no need to feel insecure. If you r around here for long u would know

      • It’s not that I feel insecure. But I have seen noodletowntranslated get angry at people before and go on a rant about it in a post. At the time I half agreed with the post though. I don’t know how many translators you guys have though so it may have just been the translator.

        • noodletowntranslated

          ya we r a bit casual with our pr but we believe that after we get past the argument everyone’s cool. and we never censored any comments unless they r ads

          • Tzeneth

            Can’t resist inner smart-a##.

            Have you tried Fictitious Product? It’s guaranteed to meet your fictitious needs! Call or go to the website that exists for Fictitious Product now or you may lose your chance to gain such a perfect product. This is definitely not an ad for Fictitious Product and completely on topic about how QI, WW, and Noodletown are obviously all supporters of Fictitious Product, even if they have disagreements on other issues. Get yours today! 😛

            On another note, I really should read the comments for stories more often but most websites usually consist of the same few words about first or thanks for the chapter (no offense to that but it’s not really constructive with regards to the story and I’m just the type of person who thinks thanks is kind of assumed if I’m reading it and not complaining about it due to translation reasons because translators can’t really do anything about bad stories or stupid plot points).

  15. noodletowntranslated

    lol and you are just straight up retarded i guess

  16. You can say *drop the s--t n pick up non-QI* so easily but WW already translated more than half of those novels that they’re currently translating, while some are even completed, it’s not so easy to drop something you did for a looong time just like that. Not to mention many displeased parties involved, if that were to happen.

    Yes, we ARE biased towards WW (cuz hell! this community wouldn’t even be if they didn’t start this whole trend, else we’d still be picking pebbles around SPCNet) but! what QI doing right now isn’t something that can be justified just cuz Ren isn’t willing to drop the novels. Plus they’re asking rights for even those completely translated novels, what then? you’re WW should just give up their years-old work and bow to some greedy bastards drooling over money?

    Your solution maybe good, but only for newbie translators and growing communities that’re new to this business.

    • noodletowntranslated

      yep see these are arguments i want to hear, reasonable and not just launching personal attacks.
      I agree that it is good for newbie translators and growing communities because of the base pay scale they established and how new comers may not be used to the free-to-read environment.
      Let’s wait and see how this unfolds, and see whether WXW or Qidian can take care of translators better, but WXW has definitely got a strong community going

  17. abbu1234

    oh…. why you keep saying WXW? it just WW (WuxiaWorld). also “…how new comers may not be used to the free-to-read environment.” what are you talking about? why would new comer want to read when they have never experienced a CN. They don’t even know if they will like CN or not yet. Also you been working for Qidian so you are clearly biased towards them. without WW you would not exist. i’m only here for HTK. you yourself are bored with GDN but work on it for the money, so we can conclude that you would lie for money as well (read through the forum threads they have posted up and you understand the situation). Also you said that you looking for a translator to pick up HTK so you can drop it but since there haven’t been any you haven’t dropped it, so the fans can enjoy and that what you said in the forum tread. You only post 2 HTK chapters per week if we are lucky, if we are not then it can take u to over a month but i feel as if HTK would get translator if you dropped it already instead of torturing us with this slow pace and not dropping it since it doesn’t make you profit. You could even put up a notice saying up for adoption, so we can tell our other favorite websites and translators to pick it up and them to seriously translate it for us. I’m tired that a good story like this has translated for over 2 years and is only around chapter 140 something. When Spirit Realm (SR) for WW just started last year and is already at 393 chapters. Finally Qidian is just greedy but your their employee, so as long as you are paid you probably don’t care. i have seen the amount of lies you have said on the forum thread. do you think you stupid lie can fool us? do you think we are dumb? but since you said that you would give it up if we found a suitable translator then i hope that some of you fans that see this can try to find translators that would pick this up, i don’t like comment a lot but this pissed me off. HELL i have only ever commented on this website for HTK, i have never even commented on WW. I understand you guy can be busy as i am also a student but there is no point in you pick it up if you don’t have enough time for 2 novels and should just focus on GDN. Some of you might be think we need them to translate but i think if they dropped it we could find a better translator. Last thing they admitted to being bad translators (Also on the forum thread). That is all sorry for the rant this just pissed me of a bit

    • Seriously Wonderous

      My god, such a long comment~

      Btw, im siding with WW, forgive me?

      • abbu1234

        no prob i just mad they keep making up lies and people who don’t know the situation get fooled by it since most will not want to try to find out what going on. Also they came in like they are biased and telling you what they know and what the whole truth is but they don’t. they are hired by Qidian and they just spout bullshit about how great Qidian is and how bad WW is. Also i thought there is someone else out there that would be more than willing to translate HTK for us and gives us our chapters on time. Noodles care about the money and HTK doesn’t bring them much money according to them. They Also admitted to being lazy translators and making up lies. i just feel that there is a better translator for HTK out there

        • noodletowntranslated

          and the answer is yes we can, Sioux City kid.
          If i only care about money then I wouldn’t take over Udon’s HTK for him after he decided to go off with Qidian.
          If only you are not a greedy r----d that complains about what’s already free to be delivered more frequently.

    • WXW = [W]u[X]ia[W]orld

  18. Xooda

    how about releasing those HTK chapters u were talking about and stop having sex with your mom

  19. Samus

    Hey noodle, I saw the thread on novelupdates. Can’t believe so many rabid WW fanboys were flaming you on that thread for no freakin reason.

    • noodletowntranslated

      dw, can’t reason with idiots, but there are some WXW supporters with valid points, so I’m just staying neutral for now as well and see what the court says.
      Too much fcking NDA lol

  20. Philosopher Stone

    (Wise Sage Mode On) Child, it looks to me that you’ve been duped to take the bullets meant for Qidian when they told you to tell the facts from their POV.
    I can see that you’re grateful when Qidian bought those chapters that you feels they’re not worth much, but it’s really not fair for them to ask you to stand for them when you’re obviously not equipped for any talks with any supportive facts under the belts or even worse: the court.
    Take this debacle a lesson, when there are quarrels, then get in between if you can’t make any difference. You’ve been foolishly stand between WW and Qidian and got shot.

    • Blood Prince

      Awesome. This article from WW should make Noodletown feels like a fool now: http://www.wuxiaworld.com/the-wuxiaworld-way-full-time-translator-recruitment/#more-142162

      • noodletowntranslated

        you do realize that WXW is basically shifting the legal responsibilities to the translators now right? So if Qidian is going to sue someone for copyright infringement, it’s the translators that will get fcked and WXW can get away right?
        Qidian shares royalties on any income they earn with the books, and where can a normal translator get the connections to monetize their copyrighted translation work further than just ads and donations?
        Maybe just think further than what’s written and use your brain for second

      • noodletowntranslated

        i guess these can only fool retards like you lol. Look at it, “Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Translator grants to Publisher the exclusive rights to print, publish, distribute, make use of, sell and license the rights to any and all editions and/or formats of the Translation on Publisher’s website under paragraph 2a, in whole or in part, in the English language throughout the world.”
        It’s like saying, you have ownership, but you can’t use the ownership on any other platform other than WXW lol. So what’s the point of the ownership? So you allow WXW to exclusively use it?
        It’s like saying, you have ownership over your wife, but only WXW can fck her, you can watch and collect money

        • koalaなぎ

          2a. Publisher has unrestricted rights to use the translation on Publisher’s website, http://www.wuxiaworld.com. If and when Publisher intends to make additional usage of the translation outside of Publisher’s website, a secondary agreement must first be reached between Publisher and Translator regarding the scope of usage and revenue share as appropriate. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, Translator has the right to reject and veto the proposed additional usage.

          • noodletowntranslated

            tbh, if you think about it, when will the translator ever use this clause against WXW? WXW only make additional usage of the translation to gain more profit outside of the WXW website, which the translators have a share in. So, under no right state of mind would the translator refuse the additional usage.
            What i see wrong is the whole intention behind the contract, because it seems like WXW is going to shift the blame and legal responsibilities onto the translators, saying that WXW didn’t hire them to translate the copyrighted materials, but were merely publishing it. In addition, if the translators intends to use their translated work elsewhere, like on their own website or print them into a book to make more money, they won’t be able to do that.

    • noodletowntranslated

      sorry for the late reply, and thank you for the kind words. I did realize that I took it a bit too far, and should’ve just stopped after stating how my work experience had been working with QI.

      It’s just that WXW’s false claim that translators were forced/threatened to translate for QI automatically turned on the “defend for your friend” mode within me, but ya probably should’ve noticed that this is a public issue and not fuel the fire with opinions.

  21. Philosopher Stone

    Dude, why are you fighting WW when Qidian’s not even there to back you up?

    I disrespect Qidian even more ever since you’ve got involved in this war. You see, your Summary of what happened is truly mixed up: “they broke up. now Qidian wants to go to law for divorce and WXW is talking sht to her friends about her ex.”

    From what I see is WW tried to add Qidian as business partner and paid (400.000 RMB if what Ren and you said is to be believed) for 20 novels and then Gravity translators migrated to WW carrying along 11 others with them (as Hyorinmaru said, one of the reason is for stability, fearing Qidian will suddenly shut down their translating projects) by theirselves, no poaching involved (as the translators and both sites WW and GT said).

    Next suddenly Qidian broke the aggrement and come out with this:

    Greetings, Fellow Daoists.

    As known to all, Qidian and WuxiaWorld (hereinafter referred to as WW) came to an agreement several months ago to authorize WW to translate 20 novels for Qidian, which means the ownership of the translations will still belong to Qidian.

    Thus from this week onwards, we are going to officially request WW to send all 20 titles to us. All of those stories will be hosted on Qidian International (www.webnovel.com). in the near future once WW uploads chapters for those novels. Qidian International, as a user-oriented platform, will always improve the reading experience for all our fans like you. 20 Amazing stories plus better reading experiences, can you even wait for that boost?

    Aside from those 20 authorized novels, there are still 11 unauthorized novels being hosted on WW. We do acknowledge WW, as a forerunner of Webnovel Translations, had made great contributions to the community. However, in the case where we were trying to build a good cooperation with WW, they privately approached the translators of Gravity Tales and hosted those unauthorized novels on its site without any permission of Qidian. Not even a notification was given, and that’s totally unacceptable and out of business ethic.

    Therefore, we are making a formal statement here: All unauthorized novels of Qidian should be removed within 3 days. We will resort to legal action to protect the rights of our writers and us.

    For people who are following these novels, we won’t let you down. We are now officially inviting all translators who did a wonderful job on those 11 titles to join us. We are still hoping those titles could be covered by the same translator with sole flavors until its very last chapter. We will provide better conditions in terms of monetized returns, formal authorizations, and more promotion resources. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

    Soo, WW paid Qidian (tentatively 400.000 RMB) so that Qidian own the translation they did? Can you say the same for the 4000$ Qidian paid you it means that Qidian no longer owns Galactic Dark Net and that GDN can no longer be hosted at webnovel.com because since they paid YOU, GDN is henceforth belong to you and can no longer be hosted in their website?

    I can say that it’s one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard.

    Next was the libelious statement of WW poaching GT’s translators. Both sites and their translators have said that WW didn’t approach Gravitytales’ translators and I believe it. From what statement I’ve read it was that Gravity made some policy that may result in Gravity’s getting better but some translators dislike it so much that they abandoned Gravity alongside with the aggreement by WW with some Chinese publishers (Qidian included) that promise more stability.

    The Licensing Issues of Wuxiaworld thread itself looks to me as an attempt of defamation to get 20 + 11 translation works that is held in WW – a hostile take over. If you want to make it like a marriage, it seems like an engagement between two families where the bride to be suddenly cancel the engagement and demand the son to be given to their families because, well, since the other family has paid the bride’s family, it means that the son is officially belonged to the bride’s family and they can have him even without a marriage.

    AS for “WXW is talking sht to her friends about her ex” – Erm, aren’t you mistaking Qidian as WW? It was obviously Qidian that broke the agreement and it was them that wrote Licensing Issues of Wuxiaworld thread in public.

    Next Qidian can’t even properly fight WW and only states a wall of unrelated nonsense before saying “We’re sorry WW will kept on pirating Qidian” Well, if Qidian want to kept the right of the translated works in the base that WW paid them, you should be able to do the same with GDN in the base that Qidian paid you 4000$, it means that GDN now belongs to you and should Qidian host it in their website they’re pirating your work LOL

    And next is where you get involved. Qidian the Cowardly (proven by hiding their real intention in a wall of text instead of direct confrontation) is afraid to confront WW in the heat of the drama so they get you to tell their POV (fighting their fight with borrowed hand) much like someone sending kid soldier to fight their war without fighting themselves.

    So, why are you fighting WW in Qidian’s stead?

    Qidian’s yet to make another statement but in the shadow telling you to tell their POV and they’re not even giving you any backup – it means that they’re treating you as cannon fodder to be thrown to their enemy as meat shield and distracting their enemies from attacking them and attacking you instead.

    Now, do you understand why my opinion of Qidian is getting lower after you put your POV in “Wuxia vs Qidian” drama?

    • noodletowntranslated

      lol. i dont, nor do i care. You don’t know the NDA, nor do you interact directly with either party, so you should be the one that should stay quiet and see how things unfold.
      I, on the other hand, works with Qidian, and am going to their HQ to intern during the summer. Yes, now you may call me out for selling my soul to work for big corp. But I’m pretty sure that’s most university student’s dream to find a job at a renown company right after they graduate (or before graduation in my case), or you should tell me what your career path looks like.
      Besides, you defend your friends, whether they are present or not. Also, what do you think they should do to defend me? Make an announcement for people to stop targeting me? You think those name-calling rude wxw fans/smurfs would stop? Sometimes, silence is the best protection, and being there answering my questions is the best support (cuz i was skeptical towards what they were doing too initially and I was a big fan of WXW too just like most readers).

      • svengerman

        I am glad you get to work for a company you like.

        As for the actual issue I am biased toward WW, I know this and I think most people are as well. So if you want people to take your stance seriously you need to “be the bigger man” as it was and break down how people are incorrectly perceiving the situation and ignore the flame war. Otherwise your stance won’t convince anyone.

        As such you said “yep see these are arguments i want to hear, reasonable and not just launching personal attacks.”

        Yet I have seen almost none of this from you. Nowadays it is all too common to see disagreement get turned into “you said stuff I don’t like so you are a (insert derogatory term)” instead of actually having a debate. So your rebuttal/defense of your stance seams like you are just mad people don’t just trust you are right. On this page you never respond to disagreement with a rebuttal or reason why they are wrong; only “your dumb and don’t know what you are talking about” or “oh you made a point lets wait and see how it turns out”. Both of which do not move your audience toward agreement with you, in fact it make it look like you have no facts to back your point up.

        Here is my actual argument :P. Your experience with QI is as a translator/employee not a customer, so it is possible that QI doesn’t treat it’s customers as well as its employees. *Using customer because WW purchased something from QI.

        Good luck in your future endeavors.

        • noodletowntranslated

          Alright, let’s sort this into a timeline.
          – I saw the post made by WXW saying how qidian threats and forces translators to work for them, and declines to pay translators if the chapters are not up to standard quality.
          – I asked qidian what’s going on between WXW.
          – I made the post, saying how I was treated by Qidian, thus diffusing WXW’s false claim on Qidian’s poor treatment towards translators.
          – I was insulted on NU and noodletown, being told to be someone that sold my soul to big corps.
          – I realized that I should not express my opinion after solely hearing one side of the argument, therefore I released an apologetic statement and then went ahead to add Ren on Wechat and started communicating with him instead.

          Most of my comments were to answer questions, and I found it useless to respond to opinions because we just won’t get anywhere. Later on when the comments are just plain insults, i responded in a manner they deserve. If you are not blind, I think you can read how I responded Zeke1337’s question starting with doesn’t wxw invest in their site, Random NPC (@Random_NPC_) and his statement on chapters being potentially 1.99$, etc. And even for the comment you quoted, I responded, “I agree that it is good for newbie translators and growing communities because of the base pay scale they established and how new comers may not be used to the free-to-read environment.” And then what did you think I could say other than that? I’m respecting his opinion, and the time of the comment is also when i declare to be neutral with the apology statement on NU.

          It’s okay, what you are exhibiting is selective perception, which is only seeing things that supports your point. You are not blind, don’t worry

          • koalaなぎ love ship that can lost but can't sunk

            Wow thank you for providing your POV, it certainly clear some of my confusion, please keep responding to all all the comments if it not too much as you had more clear view than many others who didn’t directly involved in this.

          • noodletowntranslated

            tbh, I only have a clear view on how Qidian is treating translators, which is a very big part of WXW’s accusation on QI.
            However, as to what exactly triggered the whole dispute, I only have speculations. If you have any questions, feel free to ask

      • To be honest, Noone has the right to judge your decision – in fact I support that you’re going with the option better for your life (Aslong as we still get our chapters 😉 ) the better option would’ve been to avoid commenting on this little “War” between QI and WW as stated by a lot of people I am biased more towards WW more so because I’ve never read or seen any complaints from any of the translators at WW which have been thrown into the open. However from what QI and WW have given us it’s probably not the whole story hell I doubt even for you they’ve been entirely honest with how they’ve told you information but at the end of the day this is your job and your life choices.

        However just to all the WW fans who read this – refrain from commenting it really doesn’t give the WW fanbase a good public image does it? If you go around calling people out for their own decisions, do you think thats what the translators and Ren at WW want from us or even support us in that endevour?

        Anyway – QI and WW both provide (most of the time) top quality translations, although I have been through QI and noticed a few major spelling or sentence structure mistakes in earlier chapters – nothings perfect, all we can do is point it out and hope they fix it. Even in WW nothing is perfect how many times has DB or any of the other WW translators had to go back and fix errors which we’ve pointed out to them? Quite a few by my count.

        Anyway enjoy your day, thanks for reading my long – but overall short comment in comparison to some others, trying to be unbiased to the end 🙂 ~ Aileus

        • noodletowntranslated

          Thank you so much for the comment! Yep I realized it was not smart of me to make personal comments on this issue between QI and WW, and I should probably have just stopped with the facts I gave on how QI treated translators, to wash the WXW’s claim on QI threatening/forcing translators to work for them.
          And yes, we are grateful for all the readers of GDN and HTK, because if it’s not for them, then we wouldn’t have gotten where we are now. This is why we kept paying 90$/month to keep the website up and posting chapters on Noodletown and continues to translate HTK, just in case QI backs out of the market due to whatever reason, the GDN and HTK chapters are still here at Noodletown for you guys.

          • I think some people do forget that even running the website requires a large sum of money monthly – with how QI is paying you with 3-5 chapters the website can be paid easily with money left over, thanks for your hard work – looking forward to more chapters 🙂 It’s in your best interest to work for them rather than continue to work and rely on donations ect to fund the site.

          • noodletowntranslated

            thank you for understanding bro!

    • Singularity

      Amen ^_^

  22. U mad bro?

    noodletowntranslated i think you are just trying to get on the good side of qidian spreading lies and misleading wxw words, the bad thing is that you are on the loosing side and you still dont know, we can talk again in 2 yeas and you can tell me how wrong you were, you are such a pitiful soul.

    • noodletowntranslated

      if u r american, maybe u would be dead in 2 years because you probably voted for Trump.
      But ok, we will be here waiting. Maybe you can come back right after the issue was settled in court

  23. Poor chinese guy hahahsha

    Hahahaahhahahahaa arent you a poor chinese from a 3rd world country??? Ching chang chung!! Hahahahhaha you were born poor and youll die as a poor f----t hahaha

    • noodletowntranslated

      coming from someone who has probably been a leecher and weeb for his entire life. Where are you from my friend?

    • noodletowntranslated

      btw, I drive a Tesla, something you and ur parents probably would never be able to afford

  24. Greene

    From the sound of it it’s more of a misconception. Everyone is stuck on qidian going behind a paywall and WW (WXW) trying to keep it free/donate/ads. The issue between them is they entered a contract for 20*specific* or so stories. Then went ahead and started posting other stories not listed in the agreement.(gt hosted stories moved to ww); without saying anything. Which is not very good work ETHICS.

    Example you go to a grocery store you buy 20 apples. Then as you leaving you take 10 more.
    Then instead of dealing with that situation you blame the store saying it’s their fault cause they are going to start charging people to come inside.

    • noodletowntranslated

      Thank you for expressing your opinion in a kind manner. Tbh, I don’t know what specifically happened due to NDA, but I know it’s a lot more than the 20 story issue. But yes, if it’s the 20 story thing, it is an unethical thing what Qidian has done and they would probably lose in court. However, if during the process of executing the contract with those 20 stories, WXW violated or proposed something unacceptable to Qidian, it is fair that Qidian terminate the verbal agreement on the 20 stories. Unfortunately, we don’t know what happened

      • I thought they bought licenses for a few of, if not all of those novels?The main thing that keeps me sided with WW is because one of the points of their argument is that Qidian came out and called them out in the public instead of resolving it privately instead of announcing it to the whole world, and i thought they also got the author’s permission to translate it, although seeing how Qidian has the licensing rights the author’s permission wouldn’t be worth as much.

        p.s i oso has little little bit of that bias cant help it xp

  25. Leecher6969

    Noodle do you know if someone from qi is picking up Great Demon King from volare translations?

    • noodletowntranslated

      hey man! I would believe so, but please give it sometime because they would want to find an awesome translator for this great novel

  26. Solus d'Erebus

    Noodle I used to have a lot of respect for you and I love the novels that you’ve worked on. But with the way you are acting and lashing out is wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right and the only thing you are doing is giving yourself a bad name and image by lashing out as a child insulting others. Also the whole American Trump comment is entirely insulting as well not only to the poster but every single American that has supported your work . I may not have voted for Trump but with the response you made against that “U Mad Bro” is wrong simple as that. At this point it would have been entirely better to have stayed out this WxW vs Qidian ordeal because the only thing you’ve done is make your self look like a petty villian in the very books you translate. Although I am very sadden and disappointed in your response to the community I wish you the best of luck in your translating career but I can’t bring myself to read your work not due to the WxW vs Qidian ordeal but you.

    Sincerely your once loyal fan.

    • noodletowntranslated

      I am sorry to hear that. If you have been following us for awhile, you would know that I’m not type that does those typical PR person. I bro down with most readers, call out the rude and greedy ones that insult us to get out more chaps, and responds respectively to any reasonable arguments. During this event, I treated comments that range from supports to arguments with respects, and responded the rude ones with what they deserve.
      So I think I stayed pretty consistent the whole time.
      On a side note, I did say that I would stay out of this whole QI and WXW thing, apologized for my tone, and stated that I would wait and see how things unfold. So, until a few days ago, the arguments were already settled.

  27. whatever

    Just one question: if qidian loses in court will you make a post saying “sorry” for all the s--t you said or are you planning to act as the usual random guy in internet and pretending that nothing happened at all? just curious.

    • noodletowntranslated

      i already apologized, multiple times, for making the initial statements without hearing the story from both sides but only basing it on my own experience and Qidian’s answer to my questions.

  28. Justanon

    I deeply disappointed by this post. Tbh, i fell in love with light novel when i accidentally read one in WW. And then i found you in HTK. Maybe i am a little bit biased to WW but you guys are biased to QI. Again as one of your silent reader, i deeply disappointed.

    • noodletowntranslated

      I understand, and if you follow HTK, you probably read the HTK Annoucement post right after this post, which is an public apology and restatement of my position on this issue

  29. retribution35

    Noodle, I don’t really know what to say. but first I’d like to say that I have a great amount of respect for you and the other noodletes on the site.

    I personally disagree with the image that you’ve portrayed of QI. But to be fair it’s due to my bias with WXW, to be frank; I find it more believable to be screwed over by QI than WXW since WXW has been with us for so long and QI looks like it’s going to just hop on and take everything

    But nevertheless, your choice is your own and I can only hope that the grunt work for your internship with QI has you translating good chinese s--t. I remember when GDN and HTK were less than 10 chapters.

    -From 1 of your OG Leechers.

    • noodletowntranslated

      Yep, we couldn’ve been where we are at without you guys. I still can remember the days when we just started and thought 10$ per bonus chap was a good idea until we suddenly had to do 10 chaps.
      On the HTK Annoucement post after this post, I’ve written a public apology and restatement of my position on this issue

      • retribution35

        don’t have to apologize for anything as far as I’m concerned. you said your piece just like everyone else.

  30. noodletowntranslated

    yep I agree that comment lowered myself to that troll’s level and i like your way of thinking haha.
    Vice versa, that’s also why I bro down with most readers and answer most requests whether reasonable or not for our situation, because the satisfaction of having your own little community is almost just as satisfying as being able to make a living out of doing something i love.
    Anyways, thank you my friend for writing this sincere msg to us, BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

    • Mako

      Hi. I’m writing this comment to ask you to kindly listen to this one’s advice.

      I hope you stop replying on the comments with malicious or offending words. I have read the threads you posted on NUF and I saw how you literally shot yourself on the foot. But in the end of your second thread, you already apologized. But if you continue to touch this issue carelessly, it will look like you do not have a bit of sincerity when you said sorry, whatever reason it may be. You’re name might be dragged to the court of law together with QI. So, I sincerely hoped that you’ll stop commenting on anything related to the issue. For a student, a record like that will ruin your future. Just.. STAY OUT of it.

      Whatever reason you have for starting to get involve and made you start posting the threads about the issue between QI and WW, just leave it at that. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING anymore. You’re still young and this issue should not affect you’re life.

      This is their fight, NOT YOURS. Do not let yourself be used by anyone. QI is billion dollar worth of company. It doesn’t need you to defend it, if it is really suffering from any injustice or defamation. RWX is smart enough to know that his response in his site will be used against him if it is nothing but “false claim” like you said. Why do you think he still posted it? Doesn’t it tell you that somehow, in someway, RWX CAN PROVIDE PROOF of his claim??? And maybe QI didn’t say anything about it because there is something going on behind the scenes unknown to us????

      This issue, if you look at it objectively, has many undercurrents. You are just a pawn that will be swallowed up by those currents if you continue to let yourself be involved and be used. DO NOT INVOLVE YOURSELF any further. Just lay low. DO NOT MAKE ANYMORE COMMENTS that can be used against you.

      QI will not protect you if things go badly. Why?? Because you’re just one of their translators and a student at that. Why would a big company like that stake their life for you? You should look after yourself and do not be active on on this issue.

      As a former supporter of yours since the start of this site…
      I hope you the best

  31. LtlYodA

    So after reading a lot of thing here and there. In my opinion I don’t really care about Qidian and WW, the only thing that matters are the works the translators provides us and how the author and translators are paid. I can’t afford reading novel if there will be a paywall but until then i will support translators and authors by whitelisting their site…
    Also in a career there is not really good or bad move. There is only move in a context of life. I think in your shoes, I too would have move to Qidian with their offer. When you can now support your site after 3 chapter paid by Qidian and the rest of the month is a bonus that’s a good way of life for you.
    Bye I will continue to read GDN til the end.

    LtlYodA (from France)

    • noodletowntranslated

      thanks my french friend, i love you in the most heterosexual way

  32. WeaselLord

    So, my ONLY problem whatsoever with qidian, is the paywall. I would be completely unable to pay for the chapters no matter how small the amount is. I just don’t have the money to pay even one cent for each chapter I read, because I read a massive amount. I have said this once on the novel updates forum, but if there comes a day when all the chinese novels I currently read are pay-walled, then no matter how cheap, there is honestly about an 70% chance I will commit suicide; and the only reason it isn’t 100% is because I have faith in korea and japan.

    • noodletowntranslated

      hahaha dw man, if GDN gets paywalled i will find a way for readers who cant pay to keep reading

      • WeaselLord

        thank you so much, you have no idea how much that means to me

        • noodletowntranslated

          lool np man, it wont hurt us to just email some ppl chaps. u can comment when the paywall is up and i will email the chaps. (It wont be up for awhile, so u r probably safe for a year or 2

  33. Novti

    I just know of this issue now… From what I read… Looks like QIbjust want to get their novel back because the raw novel was from Chinese Qi. So it’s reasonable if they wanna get it back.
    But… What I’m afraid of is… One day Qi will monopolize the business with WW, Gravity, or other websites fall… Then, by that time there will be paywall. The reason I’m reading Qi international was because Qi Chinese have this paywall. I can read much more chapter in Qi International on the same title than in Qi Chinese.
    If this keep going… Maybe I really have to drop everything I read (if there’s really a paywall)

    I can’t pay for anything because the difference of currency, and I don’t know how.
    Maybe I have to be a translator to read it free and get money instead… But no…. Because even if I do understand a little Mandarin…. My English is a mess…

  34. For point 6, switch out WXW with QI.
    Anyway, you tried too hard in the post.
    The fact that QI had the “if you see this blah blah, this has been stolen from WXW”, is that they stole it. Doesn’t matter if they had the rights to it or not, you have to go through the proper channels to get access to intellectual property you own. With WXW’s stance that they didn’t own it, and the fact they had to blatantly steal it, then it doesn’t matter who is in the wrong. To take your analogy further, this is basically QI giving people B… Bubble Tea while taking the tapioca balls from WXW.
    Sure bubble tea is nice, and I spent way too much because of your recommendation and I’m glad they stop doing deliveries, but Han would be disappointed in you.

    Anyway, I’m just mad that I donated before and that the(re’s) adblock thingy is worded nicely. It literally makes me more mad that it’s more reasonable and plays to my empathy.

    • noodletowntranslated

      Hey bro, its nice seeing u again. Ya, we just wanted to test out the new adblock thing because there are people that are just swearing at us while still reading our work, so we want to make them at least contribute to the ad revenue.

      Anyways, I think if they do have the rights to the intellectual property, it’s reasonable for them to take it after they send WXW an email of notification. Otherwise, what if WXW says no? It’s like, I borrowed your bubble tea machine to run my own bubbletea shop, but now that you want the machine back, I “kindly” decline to return it. And then the customers think that WXW is in the right because he’s the one making bubble tea, but they don’t realize that WXW’s making bubbletea with QI’s machine and receipt and now doesn’t want to return it after their store got so much popularity with QI’s machine. Of course, WXW also added a lot of other things like service and ingredients to the bubble tea other than just what comes out from the machine, but the machine is still QI’s…

      The “if you see this bla blah, this has been stolen from WXW” is inserted by some WXW’s translators, and it’s because WXW made the translators believe that they have full ownership of their translation, but in fact, WXW signed away the complete ownership in the very beginning when he was trying to get the authorization from QI. Btw, the translators gets paid about 50-60 cents per 1000 views, while WXW makes significantly more than that. How much Ren earns is more than all translators on WXW combined.

      We know that the two parties are in hot water right now, and I’m just gonna focus on my own translation. You can ask me questions and I will also try to answer to the best of my knowledge, and label my answer clearly with either “fact” or “personal speculation”.

      Btw, try the pudding milk tea, it’s like god’s gift.

      • noodletowntranslated

        HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA ya we are both terrible at analogies
        oh welp, its true we haven’t seen the contract yet, but it’s not illogical to sign away ownership if you are trying to make money and maybe the only way QI would give u the authorization is for you to give them ownership of the translated content.
        Also, I feel that % wise, QI should own a higher % of the copyright of the translation, because the original is always more important than the translation, cuz im a translator and ik that most translators r pretty replaceable.

        Anyways, ya good to be in Canada, we have all sorts of deserts here for cheap hahaha

        • Makes sense but since they own the translations and could probably just leave it there, get donations etc and skip sites again and again, they wouldn’t get into much trouble. What makes sense would be that either WXW pays for the right to translate, then they get the licence to keep translations, then sell them to QI after a while. Actually, the next 2 scenarios I thought of just went blank in my mind. Basically. You own the translation. You would only really give up ownership after you’ve translated everything already and gotten all the donations, right?
          You have Trudeau though. Literally the SJ version of Hitler mixed with the typical white upper class person, like Bernie. Trump is a business man and a joke, Trudeau is basically Bernie. At least desserts are cheap. Hahahaha. Poor noodle.
          Anyway, time to bash my own leadership. England/Britain/UK. Some British guy, or two. 1) EU pretends to be a financial partnership but then attempts to take over politically.
          2) White people in the world are a minority, with the social care system, degenerates etc etc will come for the free stuff. I mean. Wow. Guy even said it would be a mass exodus from a different culture, and wow. He was right. Scary that this was at about the start of the EU in like the 70/80’s.

          Now, from that, the guy who wrote the “get out of the EU” article 50 thing, wrote it because a country looked like it was going to have a dictator, and so had it so that they’d be penalised if they did bad or smth.
          Being in the EU is literally a subscription. You just have to stop paying in, like a magazine subscription. Politicians wanting to compromise before even going in to negotiations. I can’t tell what’s worse. That Hitler would have literally been better (how he brought Germany back up to a world power) or Trudeau.
          Before you ask. No. I’m not jealous you probably know what dango and the meatbuns in Manhua etc taste like.
          Not at all. The word is envious 😐

          • noodletowntranslated

            LOOOOOOOLLL dats right, our handsome Trudeau is the best
            And ya but it still doesn’t taste as authentic then if you would go to Japan for them
            Gonna plan a trip there with black bean sauce and fish balls when we r done uni and taste all the stuff thats seen in mangas and animes

        • noodletowntranslated

          ohhh i think the egg u r talking bout is Onsen tamago, u can just google how to make it and its actually pretty easy, just gotta time the boiling process

  35. Kishinkage

    Thank you, for you taking the time explain why you are siding with who, but in my opinion it doesn’t even matter… and this is just coming from my opinion as a reader. 😉
    -Monkey Elder
    P.S Don’t care about fight, only need to car about the updates from both sides…

    • noodletowntranslated

      thanks for understanding and appreciating the updates

  36. Lucas

    Tsk tsk you only made a fool of your self you tried to make an argument to to take side on quidan in the end your in it just for the money you even wonderfully lose the debate making a fool of yourself and know that we see those proxy fake just to support your claim I mean the they answered like they didn’t even know what’s going on at all

    • noodletowntranslated

      do u know wat’s going on beyond the PR done by WXW?
      It is for the money, and also doing what’s legal.
      And I was wondering, which part of the debate did I lose?

      • GreatSage

        I think when you sided with qi or ww ?
        My advice is just stay neutral, if there 2 or more people fight the best thing you do is just stay neutral and just watch them fight because whoever the winner is the king, so which side lose is the people that sided with them will lose too.
        Youre still young, university student right ? Just stay neutral.
        Sorry my english is suck.

        • noodletowntranslated

          haha ya, thank you for being concerned and watching out for us.

          • GreatSage

            Yeah, i hope you still translating novels, coz it was hard to read them with just google trans, so i dont wanna any translator to stop translating just because of other tantrum.

      • GreatSage

        And whatever the argument is dont insult their parents because it was the same like you insult your own parents, just ignore them, wise person dont insult each other.
        Aaahhhh i want to learn english, i learn english just from movies and novel… So sad.

        • noodletowntranslated

          i think you are already making a lot of progress learning english from movies and novels!

          • GreatSage

            I hope so, i understand english well but only lack in writing and speaking, no experience make me cry. T_T

          • noodletowntranslated

            haha its fine, everything takes time, so as long as you are making progress, its awesome. and ya, HTK is gonna be up soon

  37. GreatSage

    Great, thanks bro.

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