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[HTK Annoucement]

The 2 chapters for this week will be out tonight.

A lot of things happened in the past couple of days, and I am a little confused on what really happened that caused the negotiation between WXW and Qidian to fall through. I guess we will just wait and see how everything unfolds in court.

Please excuse the tone I used on my last post as I was yet to realize the seriousness of this issue and still joked about it. If I learned one important thing from this whole debate, and it is to release more HTK and leave the two corporate giants to solve things between them. It’s almost impossible to learn the actual truth for us outsiders due to the NDA, so we will let the law decide who’s just.

Anyways, we will continue to make sure that HTK is released twice every week regularly, will work late hours to stock some up and will discount the bonus chapter price starting next week to speed up overall release

Lastly, let’s just keep the comments free of “fck your mom” type of remarks since insults won’t get us anywhere. We do encourage discussions and fact-checking questions. Please understand my initial bias towards Qidian, as our working experience are mostly pleasant, there was no threats/warnings towards Translators that were claimed by other people. I mean, if you are working on novels with occasional donations and someone comes along saying, we want to buy all your past chapters, and pay you the bonus chapter price (approximate) for every chapter from now on, there really wouldn’t be any need for threats/warnings. After all, I want to continue to make my way through university without my parents’ support, and also be able to put my employment experience with an industry giant on my resume.



[Qidian and Wuxiaworld is fighting]


[HTK] Wow I haven’t written a post in the long time


  1. Ok, so I can’t say “F*ck yur Mom” or anything similar?
    How about “Fork your Salad!” or “Spoon with your Soul-mate!” or “Have a nice day, you handsome sonova beach!”?

  2. DocB

    A diplomatic response to qidian vs WW scandal ?!?

    Who are you and from which advanced planet are you from?

    • DocB

      and what did you do to noodletown, that like you know they made tranlations and it would be nice to keep seeing them

    • noodletowntranslated

      i realized that this is a serious issue so i brought out the serious side of me

  3. F5sectmember

    And what about the 6 complementary chaps you talked about before the “break” for your exams?

    • noodletowntranslated

      we did 7 HTK chaps up until now in total, we were going to do more but both me and udon were notified that we have to do 5 additional chaps for qidian’s bd so we didn’t have the time. My apologies. On Patron, you may notice that we are pumping out GDN like mad, and that’s actually because I hired another translator so I can put more time in HTK.
      What’s mentioned in the post is that we will release at least 2 chaps out every week, so we will try our best to do more than that.

      • woah more htk chaps you being serious this team will go into overload, soon enough you gonna tell us you will do 3 chaps every week! MY GOD even the queen doesn’t do that much each day O,o

        (keep up the good work)

  4. Squad

    Hey can they keep you from being able to go on their website if they don’t want you on it?

  5. Squad

    Cause it said I couldn’t access it on my laptop. Lol

  6. Just to say i just read the forum and…
    In seling your chapter to Qidian, they are not your any longer. So they could one day change translator and you could say no bad about them because of the contract. You also can’t put out your chapter from Qidian after you sell it. But WW, you can be hosted by their site and the translation are still your.

    This is why they talk about seling your soul, because you sell your hard work for cheap.

    Donator give you 20$ or less for a chapter but you still have your chapter.

    Qidian give you 20$ for a already translated chapter and 40$ for new one. But They don’t just buy to see a new chapter, they own the chapter.

    It is like i offer to pay for all your chapter of HTK, publish them on another site and say they are mine.

    The contract protect heavily Qidian but not the translator.

    Sorry for the bad english and i hope Qidian will not abuse of what they gain.

    • noodletowntranslated

      There’s really no point really owning your chapter right? For me, the two motivations are: readers gets to enjoy it, and I get to make money.
      Money isn’t the only motivator, otherwise i wouldn’t translate HTK after Udon moved to another Qidian novel.
      Since transferring my copyright wouldn’t affect my two motivations, I don’t mind it because there’s really nothing I can do with owning the partial copyright anyways
      Besides, I’m not really creating something, but just adding more value to the creative content owned by Qidian, so I’m not greedy enough to claim as long as readers gets to enjoy it and I get some compensation in return.

      • You know, this is a similar feeling to how we hate aggregator sites. They never give you what you deserve. Once you worked hard on something you’re not willing to let it go so easily. QI can replace you any time after they put up the great paywall and establish all this 100% business no charity. When that happens they won’t bother to give you the credits you deserve for your previous work since they *own* it now, and you’d be totally helpless seeing some other official QI translator claiming *your* translations as his own. They would never give some unofficial translators from god-knows-where to take a bite out of their cookie. What they’re doing right now is a quite professional ploy to please the crowds till they make their foundations straight.
        Well anyways, in the end I can’t tell you how you should feel in this situation but if I’m placed on your spot, when all these happen, I’ll be really sad n depressed. But that’s just me.

        • noodletowntranslated

          thank you for being concerned for us, it really means a lot that our readers are looking out for us too!
          Tbh, it might just be me but I’m not really worried because the copyright is originally theirs, and they can definitely find someone to do a better job than me in producing a translated version of their copyrighted novel, so I’m not really too greedy to claim my own copyright. I’m just grateful that they came along and purchased all my old work and sponsored me to translate for them, haha life is a lot brighter if I just appreciate little things. Besides, it’s not like I have better plans on how to monetize GDN’s english version better, so it’s good that QI would pay me a base rate, and then give me royalties on whatever they earn with this novel.
          But again, thank you for looking out for the interest and sympathizing with translators, we are glad to have you as our reader!

        • Katsono

          It’ll always be like that if translations are not even recognised as a standalone work. Do you even follow what happened with QI any more?

  7. thanks fer da chapters mon

    weirdly on Novel Update: GDN….apparently being translate by some other group rather than you guys.

    so either someone’s taking your credit or you’re using an “secret” identity as…..whatever…..am too lazy to check.

    but nonetheless HTK is freaking cool, am playing Diablo-ish game atm, it’s more weirdly dark, morbid, gory nasty disgusting graphic. The wet, bloody gore type of nasty. In a sense, it’s like Diablo with Evil Dead 2013

    • noodletowntranslated

      Ohh, ya dw bro, it’s Qidian International, and we are working for them now. The chaps are published on their site first, and then we post it on our site a few days later just to keep a record
      Ya Diablo’s addicting as hell lol

  8. ben

    To be honest I wouldn’t be so mad with qi if they hadn’t acted like snakes in the grass. A while back they claimed they just wanted to be part of the community and would always support free viewing of novels and that they didn’t want to make waves. Well that turns out to be a lie. They are putting up a pay wall. We all know that they could have made more then enough money the way it was being done before. But no they want more. They insinuated themselves into our little community of novel lovers and tried acting like one of the group just long enough to snake thier greasy tendrils into as many translators as they could and get as many contracts as they could signed. They wanted all of these translators to do free publicity for thier novels before pulling out a stick and saying work for us or stop translating our novels! You know those novels you just spent the last 6 months to 2 years translating.

    • ben

      Also when you say they bought all of the old chapters that kinda ticks me off seeing as alot of people donated to get those chapters early and once the pay wall goes up those sane chapters that where only translated because people donated will be held hostage for more money. Do you really think qi will let anyone keep thier libraries of chapters on the novels they publish? No its going to be dmca notices across the board. But that’s fine people will just pirate.

  9. Estorg

    Well i had to laugh VERY hard when i read “so we will let the law decide who’s just.”
    My two points here being first law is to control the population and second “just” depends on your point of view.

    • noodletowntranslated

      yep law must be pretty biased and pointless

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