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[HTK] Wow I haven’t written a post in the long time

What a nosy housewife this cucumber strips is. He’s like the type of housewife that lives next door and knows all about that embarrassing time you shat your pants in grade 4 and what types of pr0nz you hide underneath your bed because she gossips with your mom all the time. And then she goes ahead and asks you when you gonna get a hot grill friend but she knows that you have 16 anime waifus in your bedroom. Waw wut a nosy housewife.

HTK Chapter 145

HTK Chapter 146


[HTK Annoucement]


[HTK] Fishballs rather starve than not eat fish balls


  1. thanks for the chapter Noodle ^,^ cant wait for the next chapter

    • noodletowntranslated

      yes u can, u can wait, cuz more is coming out today or tomorrow cuz the raws r already done, just waiting for the two h---y editors to come home and do the chaps

      • Harambe

        lol u guys can disable the bonus chapters on HTK cuz this stuff is there like half a year without getting touched. Please find some reliable editor and translator team. Focus on one Projekt pls.. GDN for example so u can make ur money. Cuz obviously HTK is not getting the same attention on this site even tho it has more fans, which implies ur doing it rather for cash than for fans. But that’s okay cuz cash is a motivation. We are happy for the regular chapters tho even tho ur still getting payed by patreon and not doing it for free. And linking patreon GDN with HTK is a joke. Cuz some people don’t care about GDN but still paying it. That’s y some don’t want to support both. Split it!

        • noodletowntranslated

          yep we will be either trying to increase the speed for HTK or splitting patron in the next month.
          Please understand that I’m doing more GDN because that’s my project, and I’m just voluntarily translating HTK simply for the readers’ sake after the last translator left to take another project from Qidian.
          I have been looking for translators to take over HTK but many of them fell through in the discussion because they also heard about the base pay + royalty pay for translating for Qidian instead.
          So ya, please bare with my speed for a little longer, right now I’m just finding translator for GDN instead so I can spend more time on HTK every week

  2. takengrub15

    Much like dem childhood friends in anime ey

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