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[HTK/Noodletown news]

Alright this is the result

The winner is………… release more you f--s. ok. ok. i c u. ok guys.

About the same amount of people chose release 2 chaps on same day or separate days as of 1:03AM eastern. We will be releasing the two chapters on separate days, so you will be getting the first chapter earlier than having to wait till both chapters are ready.

A little update on Noodletown, I hired a number of translators for GDN (about 5 chaps done per day), so they will be working for Qidian in my place while I do some content-edit for them for free. And then I will save the rest of the time for HTK. We are also going to split the normal chapters into 2 parts released at the same time (each counts as 0.5 of the 2 weekly release) so we can get more ad money to:

  • pay for better server
  • potentially paying my GDN team money to do HTK, so we can also pump out HTK like a b------e doing the diarrhea

Hope you guys understand my decision. or u know, fight me irl bro.

actually dont do that, just leave a comment and we can discuss. k bai


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[HTK] We posted it as two pages


  1. YukiNeko9

    Come on out! I’m ready to fight! *pull out boxing gloves* (*^*)/)

  2. ok let’s talk…. how was your day??

    • noodletowntranslated

      its been fine man, how was urs, did u do anything fun today

      • hum hum I have been working from 7:00 till 15:30 saving up to buy a new desk and a closet so yeah that’s about my day now at home relaxing.
        So now for the next question did you look at the poll again that you put up cause people could still vote even after you said the “results” are in the poll may surprise u or you just made about 200 copies and just clicked the same thing over and over

        • noodletowntranslated

          oh sht wat? umm didn’t look again after we made the announcement, assuming that the “release more you f--s” r still in the lead.

          • no not at all 2 chapters released on same day every week is on the lead by a margin of 200 votes it is pretty neat that if you give it to a wider audience you will get different outcomes especially since people don’t want you to overwork (I think) and love htk so they would like it regulated so people can look out for days in a week that they can read something fun as htk

          • noodletowntranslated

            ohh fk, wtf why is there such a big difference
            umm we will follow the announcement for now since we already posted it, and see if everyone’s fine with it

  3. hudsonlux

    Thank you, I love this novel.

  4. Hippo-crates

    Advice from an overweight medical student, free of charge: doing the diarrhea from the b------e is 86.4% better than doing it from anywhere else. In addition, diarrhea is excellent for blocking the whining of haters when applied generously to the hate producing hole. Make sure to drink plenty of water during the act, as it can actually cause severe dehydration.

    • noodletowntranslated

      ic, im just scared bout feeling the burn on my b------e after doing the diarrhea, do u have any advice to take care for that?

      • Hippo-crates

        You could try the preventative route, by lubing the hole up before the act (or going to prison and getting it stretched out for free.) in addition if you’re near a street corner with hookers, sex releases Vasopressin, which has been shown to possess an effect like oxytocin (what women produce), which dulls pain through (I believe) distracting your brain from the pain with the good feels coming from your joy department. Or you could just do what the rest of us do and take some Asprin.

  5. Arkady

    Well still it boils down to how much money you guys want for an increase in chapter releases. With all the things being said, still its equivalent to 2 chapters a week which is still by far very less. don’t get me wrong though, I’m very grateful that you guys are still translating this novel but there’s something bugging me, like why not increase the number of chapters per week and won’t that bait more readers and in turn slowly but surely generate more donation. Correct me if I’m wrong I’m just tossing my unwanted opinion anyway..

    • noodletowntranslated

      yo man don’t put it like that, we want to know how you feel. And Ya if i were u, i would be requesting for more chapters too. This is why I’m making a few arrangements to make more time for HTK.
      In the future, the regular release rate may still be the same, but we will decrease bonus chap price and also the amount of early access chapters u can get on patron (e.g. 20 for 5 HTK early access), so i can start paying my translation team to work on this novel. Hope this might make things better

      • Arkady

        Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to reply. Hopefully things will be better in the near future ..*crosses fingers*

  6. CG

    Hi, I previously sent you guys an email, but I’m a big fan of the novels on this site and want to help you fix this site if you’ll let me. I have years of experience setting up websites as I’m a freelancer web developer in real life, and just recently helped set up the site for another translator, so I’m quite familiar with what’s needed. It really saddens me to a site in such a terrible state and horribly configured. I’m sorry but this site is barely usable. It’s taken me over a hour to post 1 comment…Please send me an email back if you see this, thanks!

  7. ……………………………………………………….lol

    this comment section knocked my socks of my lung!

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