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[HTK] We posted it as two pages

Plz don’t be angru. We want to make more money and then be able to hire other Noodletown TLs to do HTK

HTK Chapter 162.1

HTK Chapter 162.2


[HTK/Noodletown news]


[HTK] Cucumberstrips the loose cannon


  1. john

    smart way to make more money, i support this with all my reading heart

  2. hey hey sssshhhhh I understand don’t cry the bad men outside with pitchforks and torches wont get you sshhhh go to sleep and dream about riches ill wait for the next chapter

  3. Harambe

    why don’t u release the second chapter this week Mr. We-Got-So-Many-Trabslators-Now?

    • noodletowntranslated

      why are you still here?
      and if u have eyes, u will see that we WILL start paying other ppl to translate HTK if we can make enough, not we ARE paying other ppl to translate HTK at this very moment

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