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[HTK] Cucumberstrips is a lion

HTK Chapter 165.1

HTK Chapter 165.2


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[HTK] Friday Release~~ A little early


  1. amau05

    With your new way of releasing chap in 2 part for ads money it’s getting confusing with the way you divided only some chaps before because of length (the reason why doesn’t bother me in both case) you should find a way for us to be able to distinguish both case for example why don’t you divide the very long chaps in 4 parts released in two occasion? I’m always afraid you forgot a chap part or i get too early and the 2nd part isn’t live yet or something like that.

    • noodletowntranslated

      ohhh, ya all the lonnngg chaps would still be divided into 2 parts since we feel that doing 4 parts is just tooo dicky.
      And ya we kept a counter at the end of every chapter so you guys can also keep track of the regular chap releases every week
      And ya dw the parts are all saved as draft on our website already, we won’t forget to release them

      • at least you know it would be dicky but dat slow a-s release is shitty not dicky !! 😀 😀 😀 😀 thank ya for work

        • noodletowntranslated

          YOOO MANNNN we trying our kanye besttt okkay?
          But ya, it’s a lot of temptation between choosing to do a chap for 40$ USD or do one for free… That’s me being honest, and I also want to be able to continue support myself through university
          Anyways, I have some savings now, and with the increased adsense earning, I can focus more on translating HTK and editing the GDN chaps done by my team to make sure both novels’ quality and release rate doesn’t drop.

  2. amau05

    Oh and thanks for the chap and all your hard work of course it’s too easy to forget to say it ^^ .

  3. xzx

    2.part missing.

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