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[HTK] Big day, big announcement

Alright, 2 bonus chaps + 1 regular delivered.  Thank Mitchel for both bonus chaps, cuz this dude subscribed to our patron package HTK Mega Fangirl Pack twice…

And ya, thanks to all the patrons, HTK will be releasing 3 regular chaps per week for August.

HTK Chapter 167.1          HTK Chapter 167.2

HTK Chapter 168.1          HTK Chapter 168.2

HTK Chapter 169.1          HTK Chapter 169.2



[HTK] Oboooooooooi


[HTK] Cucumberstrips the Pickle man


  1. Pledge

    You know, one urgent thing before that…
    Please change your web or do something about server.


    • noodletowntranslated

      ya sorry bro. Its usually fine with 2-3 releases at once, but this time is six so our site got fcked…
      But ya, with the increase adsense money, we will be looking into options to further upgrade our server

  2. Nick Gurinsi

    I love you god for not killing the translators

  3. bubder

    Excellent! the cliifhanger is just right. thank you very much! so many beautiful chapters

  4. Honour to Mitchel, Thanks for the new chapters. Keep up the good work translators, this is really amazing. Thx 🙂

  5. Thank you Mitchel 🙂

  6. Hey, i can see, in relation to the patron, that you get 200$ every month. How much do you actually need? (don’t study/ live in the US) Just curious.

    • noodletowntranslated

      ummm for each student, the avg living expensive including rent would be about 1000 CAD every month, plus 9k CAD of tuition per school year

      • I see, that means that this is more of a hobby, since the 253 CAD every month goes to others too, and there is also noodletown as well. And even if all the money only goes to one person, the work for a year would, with patron, only be 1520 CAD, in relation to the 21000 CAD that is needed for a school year, it’s not really anything. SO THANK YOU!!! This is really great, and something that people really appreciate. 🙂

        • noodletowntranslated

          haha np man, our Patron account was mostly used to cover the website’s expense, and it was only the past few months that we started getting more money than the website expense, so we r happy that we aren’t losing money. And also thank you guys for all the views, because the Ad revenue also gave us some allowance to spend as well haha

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