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[HTK] Cucumberstrips the Pickle man

Thank prin_sesa0506 for this complete bonus chap~ She pledged to our HTK Mega Fangirl Pack of Fans so you guys get this chap now
Btw, the guy that donated 120, thanks bro, check your email. So ya, in addition to the 3 chaps u sponsored which will be released later this week on our site, you will receive 4 additional early access chapters too, which is our highest patron tier reward.
First chapter is regular release

HTK Chapter 170.1 HTK Chapter 170.2

HTK Chapter 171.1 HTK Chapter 171.2


[HTK] Big day, big announcement


[HTK] 2/3 regular release delivered this week~

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  1. Thank you prin_sesa0506, and to the translators as well. 🙂

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