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[HTK] 2/3 regular release delivered this week~

Alright, guys, take a break from donating for now. Right now we have 3 bonus chaps in queue and we are looking to clear it by the end of this week. Let’s wait until then~

HTK Chapter 172.1

HTK Chapter 172.2


[HTK] Cucumberstrips the Pickle man


[HTK] It’s Friday, Friday


  1. Are you still releasing chapters today, since you released two chapters yesterday? I know you are going to release several chapters this weekend, but i wonder if you are still releasing two chapters today. Since you will from now on be releasing 6 short chapters, at 3 times a week, you may have chanced your uploading schedule.

    • noodletowntranslated

      ohhh, ya we will be releasing a regular chapter today.
      Although the chaps r split, we will still be releasing both parts of the chapter on the same day (Unless they were one of those 2-in-1 chaps again)

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