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HTK Chapter 174.1

This chapter was a 2 in 1 so we split it into two. Plis don’t lynch us again.


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  1. Hippo-crates

    Advice from an overweight med school student, free of charge: Lynching the translators of any foreign language project decreases the speed of the translation by approximately 100%. Don’t do it or I’ll sit on you. More advice: a 310 pound man sitting on you is extremely uncomfortable.

    • Gauldoth

      Well now thats a sound advice

      • Hippo-crates

        I strive to provide accurate consultations. Well, maybe waddle would be a better word for it.

  2. seraphimaelstrom

    Gather the mob! Blood will flow tonight! Lynch these fools!

    • Hippo-crates

      Consider this. 310 pounds of fat boi sitting on your chest. Your ribs shattering one by one as I put more of my weight on you. And then I laugh at you and post it on YouTube. “Crushed under Fat B-----d junior” will be the title. I’ll be famous.

  3. JustaLeecher

    I love and appreciate your translations but as a black male seeing somebody say “don’t Lynch us again” and then have other readers comment more racially insensitive stuff is extremely disheartening and not something I wanna read. Feel free to ignore me but I thought I’d let my opinion be known since I’m a long time reader. Good luck in the future.

    • Gauldoth

      Dont make it a race thing lynching happens everywhere to everyone

      • MmmmCheese

        “Lynching happens everywhere to everyone” I don’t think you even realize how ignorant this comment is. You don’t have to agree but at least make a remark that takes more brain power.

        • Gauldoth

          It was happening in the past yes i worded it badly enlgish aint my main language so sorry about that.But lynching was happening all around the world to all nations and ppl of all color thats the point i was trying to make

          • MmmmCheese

            I was talking about your English man its the internet I don’t use property English either. My point was just because it happens to every nationality doesn’t make it okay. But I apologize didn’t mean to knock how you weren’t an English speaker.

        • IAmTriggeredBooHoo

          Just a quick google search would give you the history of lynching in,
          Dominican Republic
          South Africa

          Stop making everything about USA this USA that. USA is the only country in the world.

          • Gauldoth

            That was my point from the start where there are humans there will be lynching or at least there were in their history

        • Gauldoth

          Never said its ok that it happend or that it might happen its just stupid human nature to opress something thats diffrent from what they know or understand

    • noodletowntranslated

      I am incredibly sorry for being very insensitive, we just thought it was all cool cuz we call ourselves chinks translating chingrish and things like that.
      But ya, we will be more careful in the future and try to base less of our humor on racially sensitive topics

      • Gauldoth

        U werent bein insensitive just someone being to much sensitive

  4. IboughtWinrar

    Okay but what are translator for, if not to mock and lynch?

    • Gauldoth

      to translate s--t you want to read and dont want to pay for maybe?

  5. Why would I lynch man you are bringing to me this wonderful story for free and i’m very thankful to you

  6. Yea, thank you traslators :). Plus i am not sure about what is going on up there, i think it has something to do with racial jokes. But as long as you follow a okay structure of comedy, it is most likely okay. Continue the good work 🙂

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