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[HTK] HTK Release

HTK Release

~~~~ Cucumber strips stranded without internet~~~~

HTK Chapter 179.1

HTK Chapter 179.2


[HTK] Hei its yo boi, Skinny Cucumber


[HTK] Updating in an attic


  1. Beelzebub

    hey hey xD 0 => ‘bot’, 1 => ‘ia_archive’, 2 => ‘slurp’, 3 => ‘crawl’, 4 => ‘spider’, 5 => ‘Yandex’ funny names oh and you made a mistake in the php script most likely^^ or the css idk for sure but funxD

  2. At what clock do you normaly post the chapters. I don’t really see a patern in when you post, which is a bit irritating. Since i live in Europe, i get the chapters 6 hours longer in to the day, then those from the US. And if i know the clock at there it should come, i don’t need to check every 20 minuttes all day. Thank you before hand :), contiune with the good work!

    • noodletowntranslated

      Hey Rick, we try our best to stay on schedule but sometimes life happens this translating HTK is just a hobby for us.
      If you want, you can subscribe to us through email, and that way you can get an email alert every time we publish

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