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[HTK] Yay we released on time

Wow we are amazing

HTK Chapter 182.1

HTK Chapter 182.2


[HTK] Busy school year time


[HTK] First chapter of the week


  1. XD yep
    Thanks for the chapters

  2. OdinX

    Such release on time…
    so amazing… wow 😀
    thx for the chapter xD

  3. You did not release it a minute after midnight, i am disappointed, especially since i live in Europe and therefore i live in a different time zone. Really how could you do this!! And you call yourself amazing, do you know what??!!

    Thx for when the chapters comes, im pretty excited.
    PS: talking about the chapter for today, (“You know they now know that, why did you even, really, this is a new low for us”).

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