After spending a lot of time working on novels over at WebNovel that are all Premium now, we thought that we should take on a few more free ones to give back to the community, to thank all you lovely readers that had made our new novels so successful.

Currently, My Youth Began With Him (23 million views) and Dragon King’s Son-in-Law (11 million views) are consistently in the top 10 and 20 of the power ranking on Webnovel, so to answer one of the most frequently received requests, yes we will try to allocate more time on translating free-to-read novels on our own site!

This is one of the original mercenary/military themed novels before all the copycats hit the market, and one of my all time favorites. Give this teaser chapter a read and let me know what you think so far~

Chapter 0 – Teaser

Oh yeah, Udon will be posting HTK soon~