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[HTK] Janurary Month-End Bonus Release (14/16) – Chapter 648

Hey guys, here is the second release of the day. More is on the way.

Hail the King Chapter 648.1

Hail the King Chapter 648.2


[HTK] Janurary Month-End Bonus Release (13/16) – Chapter 647


[HTK] Janurary Month-End Bonus Release (15/16) – Chapter 649


  1. Pls help me deactivate emails on Hail the King; I’ve not been following up this novel. I’ll only go on with Ace of the Dragon Division.

    • Hi there, we will look into it and try to disable it for you before tomorrow’s release.

      • Hi Anita

        We have looked into this issue, but unfortunately, we aren’t able to block the HTK announcement just for you.
        We will be trying to revamp our method a little and so that we will send out fewer emails. In the meantime, you can try to block our email.
        AOTDD usually updates at 8PM EST, so you can check back then.

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