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[HTK] Monday Release – Chapter 853

Hey guys, we are back with the regular release. Sorry for being late today; will be scheduling the chapters starting tomorrow.

After calculating the Patreon, it turned out that our milestone dropped by a level, so there should only be 7 chapters per week this month, meaning that there should only be 1 chapter on Wednesday instead of 2 like before. However, since it was close, we will still keep up the 8 chapters per week schedule for this month of June.

If you would like to support us and help us do more chapters, please check out our Patreon Page.

Hail the King Chapter 853.1

Hail the King Chapter 853.2

Hail the King Chapter 853.3

Here is a big shout out to all of our supporters on Patreon last month!

Diamond Tier Patrons: Adam Abbas, Pascal B, CP, and Sith L

Platinum Tier Patrons: Kong, Alan J, Chris D, Adrian Z, Riando AR, Justin S

Gold Tier Patrons: Francisco M, Tirath, Oskar T, Jose C, Joel, Tracer274, Alex A, MrSpaceWorm, Juan F, Deathmorphe, Vorleon, Michael H, Natalie C, Nabeel A, Victor V, Jack, Zkaito

Silver Tier Patrons: Brendan C, Donovan, Collet A, Michael S, Hatlon, Aerodynamic Fatman, Toni R, Adilts, Stefan L, Michael T, Lonjest, Michael,  Big Tofu, Rick, Patrick B, Kyle W, Irwan S, D4sh, Novel Reader, Frankie D, Matt, Phid, Justlovereadin, Brendan M, BroBear996, Benjamin B, Dalton V, BuddhaJo, Robert, Thibaut L

Generous Members: Chak C, Felipe, Kevin JB, Remi M, Claudio C, Kulmala E, Guilherme, Yayeet, Bangtan F, Mohan, Tushar K, Choi RLT, Cody, Alexander Y, Pascal, David L, Omid A, Griffon, Lucian L, Kellen H, Thomas

Thanks a lot for the support!


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    Happy.uslucky.xyz popups again…. Still… I could imagine more patreon with less adds…

    • noodletowntranslated

      oh fk gonna add it to the block list now

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