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[HTK] Wednesday Release (1/2) – Chapter 855

Hey guys, here is the first chapter for today! The second chapter will be here in about six hours!

Hail the King Chapter 855.1

Hail the King Chapter 855.2


[AOTDD] Tuesday Release – Chapter 137


[AOTDD] Wednesday Release – Chapter 138


  1. OG

    Your damn popups…. You even now have a message asking me to turn it off??!! Wth guys. I’ll f-----g host this site for you if you turn off the damn ads… It pretty much makes mobile unuseable now…

    • Hi OG, sorry for the inconvenience. We have contacted our ad supplier, and they couldn’t ban pop-up ads as a whole since they couldn’t detect it at this stage. We have requested this feature, and it is still in process. For the meantime, we are doing the best we could to ban the pop-up ads on the reporting-basis. This is the only way that the website can stay afloat and pay the translators and produce more content.

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