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[HTK] June MEBR (9/20) – Chapter 889

Ay, we back with the early release for the day. More chapters coming soon.

Hail the King Chapter 889.1

Hail the King Chapter 889.2


[HTK] Wednesday Release (2/2) – Chapter 888


[HTK] June MEBR (10/20) – Chapter 890


  1. I’m currently only a few dozen chapters into the novel, but I wanted to ask: Do you ever stop putting adverts in the middle of the translated text?

    I want to unblock adverts for the site, but having the translation shift about while adverts load in every chapter is too irritating.

    • noodletowntranslated

      Hey man, the ads on our site is managed by an AI program so it will try its best to find the balance between earning and user balance so sometimes it would stop putting ads in the middle of the paragraphs.
      But yeah we won’t completely turn off the ads program because it’s what can fund the translation and keep the website going…
      Sorry for any inconvenience caused

  2. I don’t want you to turn off adverts, hell I don’t mind if there’s 50 adverts on the right hand side or wherever where they’re not in the way, but if they’re in the middle of the translation itself and interfering with my ability to read it then I’m forced to block those ones.

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