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[HTK] Tuesday Release – Chapter 1066

Hey guys, here is the chapter for today! Enjoy! Like we said before, some intense moments are coming! Be on the lookout!

Hail the King Chapter 1066.1

Hail the King Chapter 1066.1  (repost in case the link above doesn’t work)

Hail the King Chapter 1066.2


[AOTDD] Monday Release – Chapter 265


[AOTDD] Tuesday Release – Chapter 266


  1. Matt

    First part of the chapter doesn’t work

  2. The chapter doesn’t work

  3. Matt

    @noodbletowntranslated works now, jsut the reply button doesn’t seem to work on mobile, it just selects the text

  4. Xobotun

    Whoops! Link to the first chapter seems dead. 😀

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