This is a quick one because some deals ends in 12 hours. It’s almost Christmas so it’s always good to grab things on discount and then think about who to give it to after. You can also leave a comment below and ask us.

We earned a total of 16$ commission last time, mostly from some hommie that bought a Roomba with us so thank you so much, Roomba dude! Comment below and tell us which book you want your bonus chapter on!

If you want to shop on your own and give us the royalty, shop through this affiliate link: [CLICK ME]

And here are deals we found for Cyber Monday Sale:

[Product Link]

A drone for just 34$??? Woah, but it’s a mini one, but hey, whatever that can fly and has a camera is good. Even if it crashes or hits a bird, it’s just 34$, so you would only be crying for a few seconds before moving on to grab another one. Personally ordered one, will be using it to stalk squirrels.

[Product Link]

This is called, free your mom from doing tedious house chores.

A.K.A, free yourself if your mom always forces you to do it.

You don’t often see something being 52% off, and it has better rating than iRobot Roomba which is 279$ on sale and is only 27% off.

[Product Link]

Cheap work laptop, something to just get the work done without breaking your wallet.

But be careful, Chrome Book can be quite different to use than Mac or Windows PC, so do your research before buying.

[Product Link]

Add some romantic sparkles into your room.

[Product Link]

Remember the absurdly expensive  and high tier brand, Razor? Well, it was $100 but now 40% off. It’s got some buttons on the side too ayy, might be a good equipment to grab since it’s on such heavy discount.

And that’s all for today, we will disclose our earnings next time we post and announce which book’s getting the bonus chapters.

Enjoy the holidays, and good luck on exams if you are still in school.